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Here’s What Griff and JP Had To Say About Norwich, UEA and Uni Life

We got to hang out with Griff from ‘Ex On the Beach’ and JP from ‘Made in Chelsea’ in Mercy Nightclub at their freshers opening party. Although neither of them had been to uni they were very excited to meet all our new freshers and have a great night out in Norwich. In between the drinking and partying we asked them some questions all about Norwich and UEA.

How well do you know Norwich?

Griff – “All I know is the football team wear yellow & green.”

JP – “I know Norwich really well. I like the relaxed mentality the people have here.”

What did you think of UEA?

Griff – “It’s big. There are more people than in the town I’m from. Also the girls there were really attractive.”

Would you like to be a student here?

Griff – “I don’t know. I’ve never been a student.”

JP – “Norwich is quite a small city, I think it would be better to be a student somewhere like Newcastle.”

If you had gone to uni what would you have taken?

Griff – “I always wanted to be an architect.”

JP – “Something to do with sport.”

If you could start a society what would it be?

Griff – “It would have to be a hairstyle society.”

JP – “Well I love to laugh so I would start a comedy society. Something like ‘The Comedic Legends’.

Is there potential for a ‘Made in Norwich’ series.

JP – “Why not? Every city has it’s individuals. I think everywhere should have it’s own TV show. Norwich could be just like Chelsea with more tractors.”

Could Ex On the Beach be done in Great Yarmouth?

Griff – “Yeah it would just be really cold. Everyone would be standing around with umbrellas.”

UEA is famous for it’s rabbits. If you could be an animal for a day what would you be?

Griff – “If it was just for a day I would be a bird so I could fly. If it was longer I would be something like a tiger or a lion because they’re the boss.”

JP – “I would be a great white because they’re king of the ocean. I would be all, ‘Give me that coral’ and they’d have to.”

What do you think makes a great night out?

Griff – “You can have a great time anywhere as long as you’re with the right people. Spontaneity makes for an awesome night too, like the other day I had a wicked night in a strip club in Croydon.”

JP – “Good friends and a good location.”

Do you prefer house parties or nights out?

Griff – “House party followed by a night out.”

JP – “At house parties you end up with the best stories.”

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