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14 Reasons Why Living In an All Girls Uni House Is The Best and Worst Thing You’ll Ever Do

As with most things in life, living in an all girls uni house comes with its ups and downs…

1. Everyone becomes very comfortable with each other.

Once you’re all comfortable with each other (which’ll probably only take about 2 weeks, let’s be honest), living in an all girls house means there are very few boundaries. Everyone starts to make the risky naked run to the bathroom soon enough, and no one will give a single damn. If you’re ill and you want everyone to know it, you will.


2. But sometimes it can get a little too close for comfort – you’re all in sync.

Some say it’s a myth, but it really does happen after you’ve all lived together for a while: your monthly visitor will fall into sync. This means that there is one week a month where no one, especially boys, will come anywhere near your house. It really is a danger zone! However, on the plus side, at least you can all wallow in self-pity together!


3. The gang are always keen for a little gossip sesh.

Everyone knows that girls aren’t against a harmless gossip in the kitchen from time to time. Living in an all girls house allows this to happen without any unnecessary judgement from the boys (although we all know they do it too).


4. Although this can turn into a real bitch-fest at times.

Of course it is easy for a ‘little gossip’ to become too much. Make sure you trust everyone in your house as you don’t want them feeding gossip about you to others! There is already enough for you to worry about while at university, and pointless drama in the house shouldn’t be getting in the way of you having a good year.


5. Before moving in, you assume from what everyone says that your house will be spotless.

Girls are neat-freaks, right? Everyone knows that boys live in some sort of pig pen compared to a spotless all girls house.


6. Warning: this is an outright lie.

Turns out this is just another inaccurate stereotype. Girls can be just as, if not more, messy than boys. Some people just don’t understand the idea of cleanliness. Passive-aggressive notes don’t always work either.


7. There is not a surface in the house that isn’t covered with hair.

Not only are girls just as good at making a mess of the kitchen, they are definitely much worse at keeping the bathroom clean. I swear, us ladies shed over 50% of the hair on our body in the shower!


8. You can agree on a lot of things.

A chilled girls’ night in? Yep, a chick flick is a no-brainer. Rarely will there be disagreement over whether you should watch the most recent James Bond movie or Mean Girls for the 1000th time.


9. But not everything.

Why can’t people respect the fact that there is a queue for the shower???


10. Your wardrobe is their wardrobe (and vice versa).

Perhaps the best thing about living in an all girls house is the abundance of clothes that suddenly become yours as soon as you move in. You’ll never struggle to find something to wear for a night out again, or have to outfit-repeat!


11. And when you need to look flawless, it’ll be all hands on deck.

The whole house will be able to help you get ready for the nights where you want to look your best. For instance, if it’s date night, the girls won’t let you leave the house until you’re looking like a 10/10.


12. However, you’ll sometimes hear this infamous phrase: “Who’s stolen my favourite ___?”

Although of course, as with everything, there is a downside to this. There is nothing more annoying than when you’ve planned the perfect outfit for your night out but your housemate never returned the top you need, and it’s now lost in the bombsite that is her room.

The Odyssey Online

13. Your house will be the HQ for your wider girl group.

Where is better to pre than an all girls house where cheesy music will play all night and games such as ‘Never Have I Ever’ will reveal your cringiest confessions?


14. Making early nights near impossible.

Even if no one is going out, it is almost guaranteed that the girls will be round at some point in the evening. Who wants to go to bed when all your best friends are round? Even movie nights are too distracting!


All in all though, the good times definitely outweigh the bad.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why wouldn’t you want to live with your best girlfriends who will always be there to pick up the pieces? Girl power! 👭

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