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8 Things That Make Bristol a Much Better Place To Be a Student Than London

Bristol: the cheap student haven that London students can only wish they were at.

1. The price.

Without stating the obvious, London burns holes in your pockets. Everything from a Sainsbury’s meal deal to rent feels like it’s been doubled. That’s because, compared to Bristol, it has. If you’re looking for reasonable rent, nights out that don’t leave you in even more debt, and even cheaper pints, Bristol is the one.


2. The size.

Look, London is great; it’s got everything you could possibly need. Except you will have to take a train, 4 tubes, and a bus to get there. Bristolians know that everything from the University to the train station is in a 25 minute radius. Perfect size.


3. The pubs.

The price has already been mentioned. But that’s not the only gripe. London pubs lack the soul and ambiance of a nice, warm Bristol pub like the Cori Tap. Wooden and dark, plus a touch of class. You instantly feel like a local in Bristol.

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4. Suspension Bridge > Big Ben.

Our symbolic monument is better than yours. Sure, Big Ben has a certain allure to it for its iconic nature, but the Clifton Suspension Bridge is a thing of breath-taking beauty. It’s an incredible feat of architecture and engineering and is hopelessly underrated.


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5. Going out.

Bristol has picked up a worthy reputation as one of England’s best nights out. The variety is top notch with everything from the small and sticky Lizard Lounge to the vast behemoth of a club that is Motion. Too much of London is the same. Mix it up!


6. The accent.

Hott Fuzz has immortalised the West Country accent. Once you get used to it, there’s no denying its charm. Of course London is host to a cacophony of contrasting accents. So much so that it’s hard to differentiate your South from your North.


7. The cider.

Bristol is a utopic paradise for any cider lover. Most students have attempted either the Cori Tap or Apple cider challenge. (Not recommended.) You can get anything from strong, flat apple cider to fresh and fizzing raspberry blends. London doesn’t stand a chance.

8. And, of course, the student lifestyle.

We all know at least one or two people who either decided to move to or stay in London, and regretted it. Easy to navigate, cheap if you know where you’re looking, full to the brim with students, and absolutely stunning. Bristol is clearly a far superior choice.

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