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6 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Student At Christmas Time

Do you look back at Christmas time as a child, when everything seemed magical and you’d count down the days in eager anticipation until the 25th? Do you feel now, in the midst of your university years, that Christmas will never again be as exciting as it was back when you were 10?

Think again. While the magic of Christmas may be gone, the perks that come with being a student at this time of year are more plentiful than ever.

In fact, during your university years you will probably profit from Christmas more than any other time in your life. Here’s why…

1. You’re excused from present buying

You do not have a full-time job. You are paying an astronomical amount each year for your studies. Your elders know this, and seeing the poor young student, struggling just to get a decent education, fills them with deep sympathies. Consequently, when it comes to the exchange of presents, you are not expected to present an extravagant gift to each member of the family. In fact, you can usually get away with skipping present-buying altogether. Just give a mention – and perhaps slight exaggeration – of your financial struggles, and you’re off the hook.



2. You’re excused for getting drunk

It is a known fact that students drink. Thus, when you get royally drunk at Christmas time, you need have no concerns of being classified by your family as a raging alcoholic. This is the one stage in your life when you have the freedom to consume whatever alcohol you want, without being expected to handle it like a responsible adult. And if you can go over the limit without being judged, why not make the most of the free booze in the house and get truly merry?



3. You’re spoilt

As if not having to give presents wasn’t enough, your ‘poor student’ status also means that you are likely to receive more gifts. Your relatives see Christmas as a time offer you financial help with your tough, moneyless years of studying. By Boxing Day you find yourself with a tidy sum of dollar, which, in actual fact, you are likely to spend on anything other than your rent or tuition fees.



4. You’re overfed 

It is widely known that student life is not one of exquisite or ample dining. Indeed, your Mum has remarked that you’ve lost weight since leaving home, and frets that you’re too penniless to buy food. Of course, you well know that the true reason is because you simply can’t be bothered to cook complex meals for yourself. But if this parental concern and attention means being able to totally pig out, and actually be encouraged to do so, then by all means go with it.



5. You’re showered with love

Having been living in your halls of residence or student house since September, your homecoming in itself is a big deal at Christmas time. Your family will be noticeably pleasant to you because, as the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow stronger”, and they are actually thrilled just to have you around again. Soak it up and enjoy the attention.



6. And you’re free to escape whenever

We all know that the whole family gathering thing at Christmas time always goes on for far longer than necessary. But while back in the day you had no choice but to stick around right until the very end of a never-ending series of Christmas get-togethers, you now have a brilliant excuse to slip away whenever you like. Simply claim that you have important assignments you need to get done, or that your lectures have started again, and you’re free to vacate the scene, just like that.



So students, profit from this cheap, drunken, fruitful, un-prolonged Christmas break. Your university years won’t last forever, you know…

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