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10 Places For Students to Take a Date in Reading

Maybe you’re in a relationship or you’re just playing the dating game but where can you go for a date night in Reading? Well we’re glad you asked…

1. Go to Milk Bar

Described as a rum and cocktail bar, this is the perfect place to take someone mid week for a drink. This quirky little place is definitely a step up from Park Bar and will definitely impress your date.

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2. Take a trip to Showcase Cinema

Further away from the University than Vue but it’s bigger, cheaper, a larger range of films and there are normally less people.

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3. Go to The Hexagon Theatre

Located right in town so you could even do dinner and a show if you’re up for splashing some cash. We know, Reading doesn’t scream “theatre” especially when London is only a half hour train ride away. Having said that, this month The Hexagon offers Jimmy Carr, Ruby Wax and a one man show of Breaking Bad.

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4. Have a lunch date in Sushimania

Calling all students who love a discount – Sushimania is half price at lunch time. This means you can spoil your date for half the price. You’re welcome.

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5. Walk down the Thames Path

It’s a very simple date but you could always bring a picnic! Plus it will make you realize Reading is actually a very pretty place.

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6. Go to a restaurant on Riverside

A convenient place where good food is located. If you’re unsure of what kind of place your date wants to eat you have lots to choose from, everybody wins.

7. Go to Cult Film Club at RYND

RYND is relatively new to Reading and it is very good! On Tuesday nights they show cult classics such as Die Hard and Friday the 13th which are being screened in the next few weeks. They also do great drinks and food all week if your date can’t do Tuesdays.

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8. Have a night at Global Cafe

Drinks, live music and a bus straight to uni right outside, what more do you need?


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9. Have a picnic in Forbury Gardens

Right in the heart of town, you can go and get food from the shops and bring it to the gardens or make your sweetheart a picnic from scratch. Just make sure you check the weather forecast before, after all we do live in England.

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10. Go canalside and get drinks at Bel & The Dragon

Bel & The Dragon is a converted biscuit factory and a lush little restaurant. Though it is a bit pricey it means you can walk back to campus via the canal adding to the romance on your date.

👌#BelandtheDragon amazing Friday lunch.. Now more alcohol!😜

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Happy dating students!

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