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10 Societies at The University of Reading That You Should Try Going To

So maybe you signed up for everything or maybe there were some societies you didn’t get to talk to. But don’t worry it’s not too late! We found out what some of the societies on offer do and why you should join.


Reading University Drama society is the biggest arts society on Campus, they put on over 10 productions each year starting with a play written by this years president Josh Clarke. RUDS are a friendly group of people and are enthusiastic that working together in a creative environment is a great way to get to know people and make new friends. RUDS have their first meeting in the Van Emden Theatre in HUMSS on Monday 28th September.


Source: M Maloney

Film Society

Film is a brand new society that offer a range of activities for film buffs including workshops on writing, editing, cinematography and much. Considering that Reading is one of the highest rated Universities to study film it is a chance to use professional equipment that you normally wouldn’t get to if you’re not a film student. The society also offers screenings in the relatively new, state-of-the-art cinema on campus, these films will be chosen by members of the society itself so everyone gets a say.


Source: M Maloney


The European Law Students’ Association is the worlds largest independent association 38,000 members in the UK alone. They work to promote culture and respect in Europe their aim being to create “a just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.” With lots of international students involved and a chance to win a free trip to Brussels this is a great society for law students to get involved in. The society offers guided tours of Parliament and Trainee Exchange Programs in Europe. For the first social event they are offering a wine reception on October 1st at Foxhill GO2.


Source: M Maloney

Feminism Society

The society aims to improve gender relations on campus, making university a more equal place for females, males and the LGBT+ community. Their taster session is on the 30th September where they are discussing what feminism means to you. This is a chance to meet the committee and like-minded people over refreshments. In October the society plan on celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. Holding a week of talks to bring visibility to women in these industries and even inviting lecturers to come and talk to the society.


Source: M Maloney


Society Without A Good Acronym also known as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Film Society meet weekly to watch films and hang out as a group. It is a relaxed way to meet people with common interests and even has themed socials you can take part in around Christmas and Halloween. On week 1 the society is screening Monty Python & the Holy Grail in HumSS 125 at 7pm then are doing a Pub Crawl afterwards.


Source:M Maloney


LGBT+ is a great way to meet a friendly and exciting group of people. They offer a wide range of socials including a white t-shirt social on October 6th at Park Bar and then onto Lola Lo’s. LGBT+ holds a weekly coffee hours, giving a safe space for students to talk and socialize with each other on Mondays and Thursdays. The society even has travelling socials to places like Brighton, Oxford and London exposing you to the LGBT+ community around the UK.


Source: M Maloney


Reading University Domestic Do It Yourself Society is a chance to be creative and make crafts with new friends. You can even get brownie points with your friends and family for making them presents! The societies is known to do session swaps with other societies for example swapping with Baking Society, where they bake the cakes and RUDDIYS decorates them, so there are a lot of chances to meet people. The taster session on the 29th September is a workshop making decorations for your room and later on in the year they are planning on going to an ice cream parlour in town for a social.


Source: M Maloney

Poetry Slam Society

University is all about trying new things so why not try Slam Poetry? Slam Poetry creates confidence and allows you to express yourself in a way you might not have done before. You can blow off steam in a theatrical way and explore personal issues. They have a casual taster session on October 4th meeting outside Palmer where they will be doing some icebreakers, improvisation and even some rapping! There is also a plan for a Halloween social where they are dressing up as their favourite artists and going out in town.


Source: M Maloney

Baking Society

RUBS is an excuse to socialize whilst eating cake. They have events like movie nights, nights outs, cake fayres up and down the country and are even going to The Great British Bake Off Final. If you love baking this is the society for you as it offers a little bit of everything so there should be something for everyone. The taster session is on October 1st where there are planning on drawing self portraits on cookies.


Source: M Maloney

Beyoncé Society

The universities newest society, and yes to the skeptics, it is real. Beyoncé Society is based on loving something rather than hobbies and who doesn’t love Beyoncé? They are planning on doing 2 themed socials a term based on Beyoncé videos and having dancing classes to learn some of her routines. Another event they are looking forward to is their Christmas party where they are planning on doing karaoke and singing songs by the lady herself.


Source: M Maloney

For those who missed out don’t forget you can sign up to societies on RUSU’s website.

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