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11 Things You Need To Do In Reading Before You Go Home For Christmas

So we’re nearly in the last week of term, and if you have no more exams or essays due it’s time to have fun.

1. Go to one of the last union nights of term

Because you need to take advantage of it being socially acceptable to go clubbing in a huge jumper.

giphy (14)


2. Get a Christmas bagel at Cerealworks

Cranberry in a bagel? Yes please.

giphy (13)


3. Get mulled wine or cider at the Oracle Moose bar

Or any other alcoholic beverage.



4. Go to Winter Wonderland in Forbury Gardens

Rides, sweets and so much more, why wouldn’t you go?

5. And go ice skating while you’re there

6. Visit Victoria’s Secret in the Oracle as it finally opens on the 9th

giphy (15)


7. Get a picture of the Christmas tree on campus


8. Go on a Christmas social

It’s time to embrace the Christmas spirit people.

giphy (16)


9. And if you can’t do that go for a Christmas meal with your flat/house

Do you really need an excuse to eat?



10. Buy a RAG naked calendar

Support charity and members of sports teams getting naked. RAG will be in RUSU selling them all week.



11. Decorate your halls/house all Christmassy

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