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15 Things You Need To Do in Your First Year at Reading

Freshers is nearly starting, so how can you have the best year ever? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

1. Stay in Park Bar until closing

Closing is at 1am so this is an easy one! Park Bar isn’t just the place you go out to before you go out out, it is a great place to be all night long.



2. Join a society

Everyone has probably been telling you this but it’s true! Easiest way to make friends and socialize with people you might not normally meet.



3. And participate in a themed social

The more effort you put in the better! A great way to bond with people and an excuse to put on some fancy dress.



4. Go to Cafe Yolk

The nicest place to eat in the student area. Predominantly sells breakfast food so perfect to nurse your hangover after a night out.

Besides Breakfast


5. Go for a walk or jog around the lake

Our campus is beautiful! Experience that whilst you get fit.



6. Throw a massive predrinks in your halls

Great way to know your neighbours and start a night out, just make sure you don’t get shut down by halls security.



7. Sneak into the Postgrad pub

Park House on campus is traditionally for Postgraduate students but if you’re not rowdy you can get away with having a drink in a much prettier and quieter pub.

giphy (11)


8. Go to Purple Turtle after a night out

Who says the night has to end when the club shuts down? Grab your mates and go and party with some sisha into the early hours.



9. Attend the Summer Ball

Arguably the biggest date in the student calendar, RUSU’s summer ball is at the end of the year complete with musical guests. Like a small festival right on campus.



10. Do karaoke in Mojo’s

It could be embarrassing but if you’re drinking throughout Mojo’s quiz the karaoke will seem a lot less embarrassing.

giphy (10)


11. Have a bagel from Bagelman

With halls so near you probably think you don’t need to eat on campus but you really do. Bagelman is an institution at Reading. You’ll go from just getting one to see what all the fuss is about, to daydreaming about which bagel you’re going to get on your next visit.

tumblr_inline_n6py8aCz3J1rhumxg (1)


12.Watch a sports game in one of the university bars

If you don’t have a TV in halls, this might be your only option but it’s also a much better option. Get a pint with your friends in any of the bars that are screening the game, and enjoy the comradery and rivalry of watching it with a student crowd until you burst with team spirit.



13. Stay in the library until after midnight

During term time the library is open 24 hours so make the most of it. If you’re a typical first year leaving your essay until the last minute, the late opening hours will be a god send.



14. Go to Uni Grill after the union

It’s not the best food but who needs the best after being hammered at the Union? Uni Grill is a right of passage, if not you’ll get people shouting “you’ve never been to Uni Grill!?” at you at every Union night you attend.



15. Enjoy that first year doesn’t count towards your degree

You only need 40% to pass so enjoy getting to go out and not spend extra hours in the library having an existential crisis. You’ll miss first year as soon as it’s over.

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