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16 Places You Should Eat In Reading When You’re Hungover

You’re hungover, why would you want to cook for yourself? Maybe you’re a fresher and don’t know Reading or you just need some inspiration but get ready to get your grease on.

1. Cafe Metro

Conveniently placed just next to the University, just round the corner from the gym which – let’s face it – you aren’t going to today. Typical greasy spoon which will fulfill all your hangover needs.

Wake up in the morning feeling like Full English 😌

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2. Cafe Yolk

A favourite to many students, Cafe Yolk offers good quality deliciousness that will keep you going back for more. You’ll probably even go without a hangover it’s that good.

😋 10/08/2015

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3. Mojo’s

Right on campus, quick and won’t break the bank. Just don’t be tempted to order more alcohol that will end badly.

Mojo's have upped their game! #endofuni #ladieswholunch #chorizo #sweetpotato 🍴😋 @marissakerrypurnell

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4. Treatz

Okay Treatz is a chain so you might have experienced it before but sometimes you just need to have a hungover cry over some ice cream. We won’t judge.

so good🍧🍪

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5. Bill’s

Not being bias but Bill’s in Reading is probably one of the prettiest Bill’s in the country. Situated in an old renovated house you can talk about the embarrassing things you did the night before in a nice setting so things don’t seem so bad.


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6. Five Guys

We don’t even have to explain this just go.


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7.  Abbott Cook

Located on London Road, sitting in a pub might not help nurse the hangover but the food will.

8. Queen’s Head

Another pub but just think of having a full Sunday Roast after a messy night at Saturday Union. Now that’s a reason to get out of bed.

Sunday roast for real now 😋

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9. Munchees

Cafe located in town, it even appeared on an episode of Broadchurch so if it’s good enough for Broadchurch it’s good enough for your hangover.

10. Sweeney & Todd

Sometimes we all just need a good pie and here you can get one! They also do pasties, sausage rolls and scotch eggs so you can have a proper British hangover.

Roast pork with crackling

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11. Pavlov’s Dogs

This place was done up last year and does pretty good food, trust us.


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13. Picnic Foods

It’s mostly healthy food but maybe that’s what you need after a heavy night of boozing… or just get a cake.

14. Workhouse Coffee

Because you definitely need some coffee.

My favourite café with my favourite person @heather_corie #BAE #coffee #workhouse #ciabatta #quiche #bestFriends

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15. Shed Cafe

Might take a while to find but it’s worth it. It’s also right next to a piercing shop if you want to make some bad, impulsive, hungover decisions.

Lunch in Reading @shedcafe #rdguk

A photo posted by Shed Cafe (@shedcafe) on

16. Earley Cafe

Simple and just on Wokingham Road, you know you want to.

Nice Breakfast!!

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Get on it, Reading.

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