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16 Things You Need To Know Now You’re a Student at The University of Reading

Congratulations on getting your place at The University of Reading! Now you don’t have to worry about your results you can start worrying about what it’s going to be like being a student for three more years, but don’t worry you’ve made a good choice in picking Reading.

1. The 2015 National Student Survey has just revealed that The University of Reading has a 89% satisfaction rating.

This means there’s only a 11% chance that you won’t be happy when you get here! The union has also been ranked in the top ten of student unions nationwide.



2. Park Bar is essentially the watering hole of University.

If you’re living in any of the Park Group halls (Dunsden, Mackinder, Stenton, Stenton Townhouses, Childs, Windsor or Greenow and McCombie) this is your local bar. If not you will go out of your way to make this your local bar.

People usually congregate here before socials or on their way to the union on a Saturday or a Wednesday. On your first night in halls make sure to go down to Park Bar with your flat for cheap drinks and a bonding session.



3. The student union has just had a makeover.

The union has expanded and added a new room which has been named Muluco Lounge. This room adds more space for students to eat their lunches and dance on club nights. It also extends Mojo’s bar allowing more people to take part in their weekly quiz and karaoke events.



4. You’re going to want to join a society.

At The University of Reading there are so many societies to choose from. RUSU’s website will give you information on all the societies but in freshers week you’re going to want to make sure you pop down to the three freshers fayres held at the union. These fayres are separated into sports, societies and volunteering. Societies are a great way to make friends and look good on a CV.



5. You don’t have to spend all of your time with your flat.

At Reading, freshers is divided into halls so you get to know who you’re living with but don’t isolate yourself because you’ve already met a few people who have to be your friend. University is a chance to meet lots of new people so don’t only focus on those you’re living with.



6. And you shouldn’t rush into a house share with these people.

Getting a house for second year is like a domino effect: one group get a house and everyone else starts panicking that they don’t have one. Don’t stress and immediately get a house. Getting a house with the people you’re living in first year with will often seem like the easiest option but really think about it because being in a house with people you end up hating is pretty shitty.



7. There are different clubs you want to go to on different nights. 

Monday nights are all about Q Club with the institution that is MNQ. On Tuesday’s Lola Lo’s, Wednesday is for Flirt at the union, Thursday is either Matchbox or indie night Propaganda which is newly being held at Q Club. Friday night is Hanzo at Sakura and Saturday night is all about Saturday union. (This is list is subject to slight change next year.)



8. But in freshers week make sure you buy a wristband.

This should ensure that you’re going to the same events everyone else in your halls is going to. This year RUSU have teamed up with Entourage Project to bring you one wristband that gains you access to both club nights and other events around Reading. These wristbands are also available for returners and people in private accommodation,



9. Don’t be afraid if you’re not into clubbing.

Contrary to popular belief drinking and partying isn’t what university is all about. Reading offers alternatives to this including quiz nights, comedy shows, karaoke and much more. There’s even a society dedicated to people who don’t drink much called “R U Not Drinking Much” who offer day trips and fun non alcoholic events.



10. And if you are drinking make sure it’s not too crazy. 

You can get drunk. But don’t get drrruuuuuuunnnnkkkkk. People are on the look out for crazy stories of freshers to impress their friends from back home. If you embarrass yourself, you will not live it down. Plus it’s not a great first impression to make. (I am aware this point will be completely ignored)



11. You should buy a printer.

Sure, ink is expensive and it’s only 5p a page to print at the library but over the next three years you’ll be printing a lot. It’s worth it in the long run and a whole lot better than running to the library at 8am before a deadline to get all your printing done.



12. The University’s app is super helpful. 

Your timetable, student email, blackboard, and much more straight to your phone! Search uniRDG in the appstore and download it ASAP.



13. Bagels are a must on campus.

Cerealworks aka The Bagel Man sells bagels for £2.80 inside the union. These are incredible and The Bagel Man is the nicest person you will meet at your time in Reading. Fact.

giphy (9)


14.And if you’re coming from a small town you’ll be glad to know takeaways keep going until 5am here.

Don’t fret. After your drunken night out you can get pizza, chicken, kebabs and much more delivered to your front door (or the carpark near your accommodation) in the early hours.


Source: gifwave,com

15. You should actually go to see your personal tutor.

Unlike in sixth form, tutors are actually really helpful. They can advise you, talk to you and will be the one writing you a reference for your potential jobs. Building a relationship with them is important so the earlier you start talking to them the better.



16. Just because you only need 40% to pass first year, doesn’t mean that’s what you should aim for. 

Be ambitious! The first year doesn’t count towards your degree so you can adjust to student life but you should still work hard. You’re paying £9,000 a year to study so make sure you’re enjoying your subject and actually want to study it.



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