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16 Ways Your Life at Reading Will Change Now You’re No Longer Living In Halls

After paying a small fortune not to live in a house over the summer, you finally get to experience what student housing is really like. Your living situation will be better and worse at the same time, but after being home with your parents for the last few months it will seem fine and dandy in comparison.

1. You won’t have to walk all the way to the car park to collect your takeaways.

Front door delivery, bitches!



2. There’ll be no more random fire drills waking you up in the morning. 

And no more shame for being in your pajamas at ridiculous hours when the alarm goes off.



3. You get to have your own garden.

Sure you might just have a bit of concrete at the back of your house but it’s your bit of concrete.



4. And you can host house parties without campus security shutting it down after 10 minutes.



5. Although your new neighbours might not be students.

You might be having to keep quiet for the kids you’re next door to. Campus security will seem like a breeze compared to the police shutting your parties down.

super bad quote shit the cops all hail the blogger


6. It’ll probably be a longer walk from a night out at the Union to your own bed.

Longer and depending how much you’ve had to drink (and this is Union we’re talking about so A LOT), way harder to do.



7. You’ll miss having your kitchen cleaned and your bins emptied once a week.

And if you’re living with your old flatmates it might make you realise how messy they actually are.



8. When you get onto campus, you’ll want to spend more time there.

Hey, you didn’t walk all the way onto campus just to go to one crappy lecture. At least it might make you more productive though…



9. You’ll become more dependent on shops like the co-op and Tesco Express.

When you’re living on campus or even in Northcourt, leaving the student area seems like a whole lot of effort. Now you’re off campus you’ll find a trip to the shop to buy food is a regular thing. This is a gateway to just popping down to get junk food and cheap wine. BEWARE.



10. No mailboxes.

Your packages come straight to your door! Downside to this is you might sometimes miss your deliveries and have to chase up your post rather than just having the university deal with it.


11. You don’t have to pay to do your washing.

£2 to do your wash your own clothes? No thanks. Now you use your washing machine as often as you fancy without having to run around looking for change.



12. But you have to pay bills that aren’t included in your rent.

You also have to organise these bills yourself. The horror.



13. Meaning you have to be cautious of how much you put the heating on.

Reading might not be the coldest place in the country, but you might as well be going to a university in the North when you’re in a freezing house in the middle of winter where no one wants to spend money putting the heating on.



14. Going from an ensuite to a communal bathroom.

Have fun competing to use the shower in the morning and crossing your legs whilst your housemate takes forever in the loo.



15. You’ll feel extreme jealously every time you go past your old flat.

You’ll walk past knowing there’s a random fresher sleeping in your bed with no worries in the world, whilst you’re heading to the library as your academic year actually counts towards your degree.



16. But at least you’ll have a living room to hang out with your housemates in.

Upgrade from all the pre-drinks and get-togethers being in your halls kitchen. (Unless you were in one of the townhouses.) Now you can all just sit down and get cosy together without being cramped in someone’s bedroom.



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