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18 Halloween Costumes At Reading’s “A Nightmare On Friar Street” That Put Yours To Shame

So Thursday night was messy to put it mildly, but well done Reading because you all did it in style. Sure there were a couple of you who just poured fake blood over a white t-shirt (and you should be ashamed) but a lot of you actually put in effort and it payed off. Here are some of the best costumes we saw at Entourage Project’s “A Nightmare on Friar Street”.

1. Power Rangers

2. The girls who came as pumpkins

3. And the girl who came as a pumpkin flavoured condom

4. Slender man and Cookie Monster

5. The guy that went to Lola’s as a ghost

6. The Crayon at Sakura

7. Those meddling kids

8. The guy who was really in character in his Spider-Man costume

9. Mario partying hard in Q Club

10. The girl dressed as Pikachu 

11. The nun and his monk, bonus points for the “nunsense” snapback

12. Captain America with his shield

13. The guy who went as an X-Ray

14. Princess Jasmine 

15. The girl rocking Cruella de Vil 

16. Matchbox’s giant baby

17. And everyone who came as a banana, because people in banana costumes are always funny

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