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25 Instagrams That Prove The University of Reading Is The Best Place To Be a Student

In case you didn’t notice, Reading is a great place to study – maybe even the best. With a beautiful campus, scenic places to study and events put on throughout the year, who can complain? Take a look at these instagrams and see for yourself.

1. It’s a known fact Reading has the best campus.

2. The campus is even looking beautiful in winter.

Over the bridge. #chilly #ReadingUni

A photo posted by Joshua Talib (@joshtalib) on

3. Really it looks good all year round. 

Rain sucks, but rainbows are pretty 🌈☔️ #readinguni

A photo posted by Charlotte (@_justcharlotte) on

4. Even though the University library can get busy, you can always find nice places to study.

5. In 2015 the campus was voted “Best University Green Space In The UK”…

UoR has won its 3rd Green Flag for being judged as one of the countries best green spaces #rucarbonneutral

A photo posted by RUCarbonNeutral (@rucarbonneutral) on

6. For the fifth year in a row.


A photo posted by Ellena (@ellenam0rgan) on

7. We have beautiful spaces on Campus like the Harris Gardens.

#harrisgarden #universityofreading #uk #reading

A photo posted by Nihan (@anksiyolitik) on

8. And Whiteknights Lake.

9. Which even looks stunning in the snow.

10. There are also a lot of fantastic buildings to study in at the University.

11. Like Foxhill House

Fun fact, Foxhill House was built in 1868 and used to have turkish baths in the basement.

A photo posted by Rosie Cole (@rosiecole29) on

12. And Old Whiteknights House.

I love pretty buildings on campus ❤️ #oldwhiteknightshouse #uni #uor

A photo posted by Charlotte Hawkins (@porcelainkeys) on

13. And not forgetting that Reading also has the gorgeous London Road Campus.

University Badge…London Road Campus #campus #reading #UniversityofReading #university

A photo posted by entendus (@entendus) on

14. Which has the university’s war memorial on its grounds. 

War Memorial Clock Tower. #UniversityofReading #UoR #campus #LondonRoadCampus #Clock #Tower

A photo posted by entendus (@entendus) on

15. And the Great Hall where everybody graduates.

Bro's graduation

A photo posted by Ollie Werby (@_werbs) on

16. Reading is also great for your social life too with always popular union nights.

Halloween going off!! #RUSU #Saturdayunion #halloween #party #messy

A photo posted by @rusuevents on

17. And a massive Summer Ball at the end of the year.

When the sun started to come up #readingsummerball

A photo posted by Ana Bee (@beeanastasia) on

18. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people by joining societies/sports teams.

performing at the American football match yesterday🏈🎀

A photo posted by holgib (@hollygibbsx) on

19. Reading even has halls where people play croquet on the lawn in the summer.

Civilised afternoon of croquet #readinguni #croquet #summer #wantage #sunshine

A photo posted by Francesca Ridley (@cheskaridleyy) on

20. If you ever fancy learning about new things there are three museums on Campus.

ure museum, january 2016. #UoR #UreMuseum #greekhistory

A photo posted by jo ✨ (@joannaetc) on

21. And campus is just a short trip from the centre of town.

Yup we all know this place 😍☝️-The Oracle- #tb🇬🇧#من_الارشيف

A photo posted by Khalid Al Aidroos (@khalidalaidroos) on

22. In the summer it’s really convenient to go to the iconic Reading festival.

Everyone will be very jealous when you’re able to pop back to your student house and shower.

#readingfestival #summer #filmphotography #35mm #randl2015 #disposablecamera @sophiebhodson

A photo posted by SASKIA (@saskia361) on

23. And throughout the year the university knows how to put on some great events like last year’s fireworks.

Reading Uni Fireworks #LoveUoR

A photo posted by ryan oliver (@ryan_oliver95) on

24. This year celebrates 90 years of The University of Reading so there are plenty more events coming up for students.

Did you know, #UoR is 90 years old this year? Look out for celebrations on all campuses this year #UoR90th

A photo posted by University of Reading (@uniofreading) on

25. Basically. Reading is great. 

Have another picture of campus looking beautiful

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