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27 Photos That Sum Up Going Out in Reading University’s Student Union in 2015

All Reading students have had the horror of looking through all the Union’s photos from nights that they went out, fearing that a drunk photo of you will appear. Now it’s time to relive that fear with our little recap of some of the union photos over the last 12 months.

1. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit for the last couple of Union nights

2. People were seriously going for it.

3. Like everywhere you look in this photo people are going for it.

4. The first Union of 2015 saw Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor in Game of Thrones DJ

5. And the first Saturday Union saw tons of people dressed up in costumes for various reasons.

6. Like 2016 year has some serious shoes to fill.

7. Socials were out in full this year with tons of different themes such as Where’s Wally

8. Mean Girls

9. Super heroes…

10. And so much more

11. Like really there must have been hundreds of socials this year.

12. And those of you who went for it really went for it.

13. Slay Reading slay

14. The union put on a bunch of fab events last term including Freshers Ball

15. And the UV Party.

16. Although, arguably one of the best nights of the year was Halloween.

17. Because Reading, you went all out.

18. The photographs were on point.

19. And so were the outfits.

20. But all year round there were real gems.

21. Showing that people seriously love a good Union night out.

22. And it’s not just the drinking people love about a Union night.

23. So much love.

24. And so many drunk photos.

25. And a lot of photo bombing.

26. Really, it was great.

27. So let’s all get excited for all the other drunk union nights we have to look forward to in 2016!

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