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University of Reading Announces Plans To Phase Out TAEDS Course by Summer 2018

Last week it was reported that The University of Reading’s Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies course was under review. Students even started a petition to try and save their beloved course. Unfortunately it has been announce that the University is planning to phase out the course by summer 2018.



The Institute of Education intends to introduce a new BA Education in autumn 2017.

The new course will accept up to 60 people per year group. The new course is promised to have some elements of TAEDS and offer expertise in subject areas where there is a demand from the students. The course is predominately to be aimed at people who are “interested in education, but do not necessarily wish to become teachers.”

This decision has been made despite the petition to keep the course going receiving over 1,700 signatures in less than a week.

In The University of Reading’s statement the reason for stopping the course poor student feedback, a low amount of incoming students; with less than 10 people per year group in the last couple of years and the current curriculum. When compared to other University courses there was concern that TAEDS wasn’t at the standard it should be decided from the poor feedback and an internal review.

149404 UOR Agriculture building students protest


The University plans on keeping the British Sign Language module, currently part of TAEDS, with the possibility of opening it up to a wider cohort of students across the institution.

A spokesperson for the Univeristy of Reading has said

“This is not a decision taken lightly. It is right that the University reviews the strengths and weaknesses of all its courses regularly, given we are operating in a very tough, competitive sector.

“TAEDS is a well-regarded course within the deaf community, with hard-working staff and students. Despite investment and restructuring over the years, it continues to face significant challenges, in particular poor ongoing recruitment.

“All current TAEDS undergraduates will be able to complete their existing course at Reading over the next three years. We do not anticipate that there will redundancies. We are providing support and advice for students and staff.”

Students have been tweeting their disappointment about this news.

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