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University of Reading Professor Alexei Likhtman Tragically Dies Age 44

There has been tragic reports that maths Professor Alexei Likhtman of The University of Reading has died. The incident took place whilst he was visiting Annapolis Rock on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland on Sunday 11th October 2015.

Likhtman had been working at the University since 2007 as a professor of mathematical physics, lecturing in applied mathematics. He was also the departmental director of postgraduate research studies.



Likhtman was in the US to attend a conference in Baltimore with Reading PhD student, Jian Zhu who was there when the accident occurred but was not injured himself. It is believed that Likhtman fell from Annapolis Rock whilst photographing the area, his fall being between 40 and 50ft.

The University has tweeted about the issue.

And some students have been tweeting their reactions to the upsetting situation.

Likhtman’s family have released a statement calling him “the best husband, father, son and friend anyone could have wished for”. Whilst Vice Chancellor Sir David Bell has described him as “an outstanding leader, academic and friend”

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