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What Other Students Are Saying About Your Halls at The University of Reading

Student Crowd is a website dedicated to students reviewing their universities, also allowing them to review the halls they live in. With Reading scoring #57 out of 126, it seems that, on the whole, we have a good set of halls. Here at The Daily Touch we did a little snooping for you and compiled an article with all the reviews you need to see.

Surprisingly, the highest rated halls was Wessex Halls as the oldest and one of the cheapest halls with an average rating of 4.15/5. 

wessex 2 wessex1

Stenton did very well on the list too.

The Townhouses were rated #2 on the list with an average of 3.94/5

stenton th

Whilst Stenton appeared as #6 on the list scoring 3.43/5

stenton 1

Other Park Group accommodation scored highly on the list.

Childs came #3 with 3.77/5 and Mackinder was a close #4 scoring 3.7/5. However it was Windsor that had the most interesting reviews; appearing at #10 on the list with a score of 3.34.

Windsor 1

But the 4/5 stars implies that that is a good thing?

Dunsden Crescent came up as #11 with a review that could be viewed as both positive and negative.


Northcourt didn’t score well on the list.

Sherfield appeared at #7 with its ancient architecture from the olden days, also known as 1994.


Benyon was the lowest on the list at #14 with an average rating of 3.08… but as this review says maybe that’s the fault of the “terrifying but cool” geese.


Thanks, Student Crowd! Now you can get even more excited or even more worried about halls!



The full list can be found underneath.

#1 Wessex Hall 4.15/5

#2 Stenton Townhouses 3.95/5

#3 Childs Hall 3.77/5

#4 Mackinder Hall 3.7/5

#5 Greenow McCombie 3.5/5

#6 Stenton Hall 3.43/5

#7 Sherfield Hall 3.43/5

#8 Wantage Hall 3.39/5

#9 Bridges Halls 3.34/5

#10 Windsor Halls 3.31/5

#11 Dunsen Crescent 3.3/5

#12 St. Patricks 3.25/5

#13 St George’s Hall 3.25/5

#14 Benyon Hall 3.08/5

You can read more reviews here.

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