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10 Things You’ll Never Have To Do After Graduating

Finishing your degree is an emotional time – you’ve spent years building relationships, bonds, and special memories that are unique and wonderful. Part of you will find it hard to break that matchless moment in time.

However, arguably that part of you is looking back through rose tinted glasses, or at least through the bottom of a pint glass. There are certain pluses to graduating, and leaving behind the stresses that come with student life…

1. You’ll never have to live in student accommodation.

A box room with a built in kitchen in London is TOTALLY better than a box room with a shared kitchen that is susceptible to fire alarm fines, months’ worth of dirty plates that aren’t yours, and the Ninja Nibble Nabber that steals everyone else’s food.

2. You’ll never have to live in the same room with a complete stranger.

Remember having a roommate in first year? Remember having to hang your really cool, vintage Pulp Fiction poster next to their Jonas Brothers one and having to be ok with that? Cherish the moment.

Plus, if you decide to travel and stay in a hostel, you’ll be clued up on how to keep your stuff safe. And by stuff, most importantly, Jaffa Cakes.

3. You’ll never have to pretend to be sober in a lecture.

Unless you’re the type of person that loves drinking and (or in) lectures.


4. You’ll never have an introductory conversation with someone that centres solely on what A Levels you took.

Those awkward fresher chats got a little tedious, didn’t they?


5. You’ll never have to fork out extortionate amounts on a textbook you’ll only need for one chapter.

Save that money for important things, like beer, or a pet lizard.


6. You’ll never have to listen to the know-it-all in seminars again.

Remember that guy who dropped French phrases into conversations despite neither being French nor studying it? “L’herbe est toujours plus verte chez le voisin!” = the grass is always greener on the other side.


7. You’ll never rage at freshers in the library.

Unless, of course, you’re an embittered librarian who really needs to use the computer to check something other than Facebook.


8. You’ll never have to make up an excuse to stay in without seeming boring.

At uni, you were deemed weird unless you proclaimed your poverty. Now, you either have work commitments, or are too old and poor to care.


9. You’ll never have to pull an educational all-nighter.

From now on, most all-nighters will be drink related; nights fuelled by store-brand energy drink, caffeine tablets and tears are a thing of the past. Cherish that fact.

10. You’ll never forget your amazing experience being at uni.

Shucks, there may have been some crap bits, but most of it was well worth it.


Will you miss it?

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