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13 Sloths Who Know Exactly What You’re Going Through

Graduate problems are universal issues, and in some cases even transcend species.

The sloth, much like the humble graduate, is a slow, sleepy creature who doesn’t want to take life too seriously.

Unlike most graduates, however, sloths are adorably cute and have never been a drunk mess. A sloth has never been sent home from the bar, and probably wouldn’t get served anyway as they’re tiny and unhurried. And are sloths. Here are a few things we do share, though:

You enter the ‘real world’ full of curiosity and fear.

It might seem like a scary place, but it’s really not so bad.


And hunting for things like jobs is hard at first…

It might take a few applications, but you’ll soon find your feet.


The importance of networking will soon become clear.

It’s good to have contacts in various places. Sites like LinkedIn are great for this, but make sure you keep in contact with interviewers to make yourself more memorable, and to get more feedback about your meetings.


Rejection emails, or not hearing back at all, can be pretty demoralising.

But don’t give up! There’s a perfect job out there for you, honest!


You might be tempted to take a break for a while

And that’s cool, travelling or just working part time for a bit will be good for you – there’s no rush! You’ve just spent three years working hard, you deserve a treat.


Sometimes getting out of bed at a ‘normal’ hour will feel impossible.

You’ve still not quite adjusted to a non-student routine, and you and your bed share a love that is far better than Twilight.


And you’ll still be tempted to party mid-week.

You might not be a student anymore, but you can certainly still reap the benefits of cheaper prices.


Drunk you has become exceptionally emotional because you’ve had to say good bye to so many wonderful people and memories.

Forgivable, but just make sure you don’t become too clingy. There’s a whole new world waiting for you out there!


…But hangovers have become an evil force to be reckoned with.

It’s fine to admit your weaknesses.


…Which leads to binge watching Netflix for hours on end.

And asking yourself, “Why don’t I follow the career examples set by my idol, Heisenberg?”


To balance your laziness, you try and eat healthily.

But salad makes you sad.


You might get stressed, and you’ll realise how important caring friends and family are

Your parents have gone through it all, and your friends are in a similar situation. It’s important to stick together and be there for each other. Adulthood is hard!


But even when things seem tough, you have to remember to stay positive.


 Who knew we had so much in common?

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Want to write an article like this?

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