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13 Things All Graduates With Unusual Jobs Know To Be True

It might have taken a few months of crying into store-brand instant noodles as you painstakingly sent copies of your CV to everywhere, from the job of your dreams to Simon Cowell, but finally, you got a Graduate job. Hurrah!

The only problem is, no one else has heard of it, which causes a few problems.

1. You have to explain what you do every single time someone asks what your new job is.

For some reason, no one can remember what your job entails because it isn’t as obvious as a self-explanatory role like bar tender or cashier.

2. Your parents always get it wrong when they tell their friends.

If your job title contains any remotely modern words, your parents tell everyone you “internet” for a living.



3. You always have to tick the “other” box when filling out forms.

Which is annoying, but also cool in a way because it means that your job is amazingly futuristic.



4. People often ask, “How did you get into that?!” incredulously.

To which you reply, “Um, I applied?”



5. You can appreciate that it’s pretty cool that ten years ago your job didn’t even exist.

All those times your teachers went on about improving technology opening up new roles finally make sense.



6. You can feel Chandler Bing’s pain.

No one else cares about the WENUS but you.



7. You can see your friends’ eyes glaze over slightly when you tell a work story.

Like their call centre nightmares are any more entertaining or something…



8. If you work in a small company, you sometimes forget your place because your boss is more like a colleague.

When you make a slightly inappropriate joke with them you immediately think, “Wait, am I allowed to say that?” and start to sweat slightly until they respond positively.



9. If you work from home, you stop getting dressed and turn into a hermit.

In the beginning, you promise yourself you’ll start an exercise programme and go on a juice diet. After a while, you just roll out of bed and work in your pyjamas.



10. You’re exposed to a whole new area and become knowledgeable on topics that you’d never even considered before.

Research for projects can take you down new paths and expose you to new ideas and concepts, making you feel like a genius.



11. Sometimes you encounter issues that literally don’t seem to have a solution.

Hello, computer programming and algorithms; God bless the IT department.



12. You have this great feeling that your degree has actually come in handy.

All those years of hard work actually have paid off, and things you learned are actually relevant to your job. It’s great!



13. At the end of the day, you feel really thankful for your job because it’s so interesting.

Some people might not understand what you do, but you love it, and that’s what counts.



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