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14 Questions You Wish Your Family Would Stop Asking

You’re at that age when it’s not compulsory to attend a family event; lectures, deadlines, schedules, or general travel issues might affect your ability to actually visit family, let alone take time out to be a guest at an elective social occasion.

But if you do meet up with family, however, you’ll have to put up with a whole lot of shit.


1. “So what are your immediate plans after graduating?”

Cry a bit, watch Game of Thrones a bit, you know the drill.


2. “What does your degree actually lead to?”

Unless I catch a break, it’s actually mainly self-pity and debt.


3. “Why don’t you just get a normal job?”

I haven’t even got an obscure job! I will take this normal job you speak of, or indeed, any job.


4. “Why did you choose your course then?”

Why did you choose that outfit? It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.


5. “How will you feel once you’ve graduated?”

Unfortunately, University doesn’t give you the power to look into the future.


6. “Have you started applying to internships?”

Yes, me and three-hundred other applicants, even though there are only enough placements for five people.


7. “Have you thought about volunteering?”

Have you thought about giving me some money so that I can afford to eat and live while I do that?


8. “Why don’t you ask a relative for some work experience?”

Because working in Uncle Bill’s chicken factory doesn’t really have any relevance to the career I want to go into.


9. “Why don’t you stop being so picky?”


10. “Why don’t you try looking in London?”

What is this ‘London’? I have never heard of there! You’ve just saved the day!


11. “It can’t be that hard to find a job, surely?”

Great, you try then!


12. “Don’t you think you’re drinking a bit too much?”

No, it’s the perfect amount, thank you.


13. “So when are you going to settle down?”

In a relationship: *awkward shuffle*
Single: *cold stare*


14. “Don’t you want kids, then?”

In a relationship: NOPE.


Just bear in mind that an open bar is there to support you, and it will all be fine.

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Want to write an article like this?

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