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7 Ways To Turn Your Procrastination Into Productivity

Let’s face it, there are things we have to do in life that bore us half to death. What used to be passing notes across the classroom has now become Snapchatting unflattering photos of ourselves to equally bored friends. Whether you’re working, applying for jobs, or still writing essays, your mind will always want to wander. It’s probably a scientific fact.

But just because you’re wasting time, doesn’t mean you have to waste brain power. Having a head filled with mushed banana isn’t going to make you feel any better, so why not try something new?

Here are a few trades that will make you feel better, and you can keep your pyjamas on for most of them.

1. Swap Netflix binges for learning a new language

It sounds pretty daunting, but actually you can practice your Español with ease thanks to apps such as Duolingo, or even just going on the BBC. Duolingo is great because it breaks down your progress into stages, from basics to idioms, but you don’t just complete levels. When you’re getting a bit lax with certain phrases, you have to redo them to keep your progress bars up.

It’s quite addictive but really gets you practicing, and it’s much better than the stuffy GCSE classroom where you mostly learned how to explain what’s in your pencil case.



2. Get off the sofa and put those Great British Bake Off skills to use

Yes, you may just watch it for the innuendos, but why not try baking for yourself? There a loads of recipes online, or there are handy baking apps, like Baking Recipes FREE that filter out great dessert recipes.

Or, if you just want to develop your cookery skills as a whole, is really easy to use and find different recipes for various occasions. Just try to avoid any soggy bottoms.



3. Don’t just exercise your thumbs Tweeting

You don’t have to pay for workouts, and let’s face it, Two for Tuesdays is only going to keep you in one shape – spherical. There are loads of workout routines available on YouTube; Tiffany Rothe workouts are great for girls, and they’re broken up into 3-10 minute increments so that you can mix and match for a different routine each time.

The BeFit channel is also really popular and great for both guys and gals and uploads new videos regularly. Warning: you will have to put up with peppy, über fit Americans.



4. Stop reblogging arty posts on Tumblr, and get creative is an online community that allows you to watch tutorials for recreational activities from fibre art to woodwork (and quite a lot of stuff in between!). They even have their own store which is full of the supplies you’ll need, or alternatively you can source it yourself, which might work out cheaper in the long run.

Plus, if you discover that you have a knack for crafts, why not start selling it on Etsy?



5. Meet up with your mates rather than WhatsApping them

Ok, everyone has their own commitments, schedules, and general life things going on, but even just going round to your friend’s for a coffee and a Come Dine With Me marathon is better than nothing. You’ll feel much better just being in their company, even if it’s just for a few hours.

If you all now live in different areas, take it in turns to host so travel costs are evened out a bit. The staycation is what all the cool kids are doing now, anyway.



6. Don’t just read blogs, write one.

At first you might think, “I would literally just blog about the progress on the size of the hole in my boxers”, but you never know, it might actually encourage you to go out and do things and be more spontaneous just so you have something to write about. Writing regularly is a really healthy way to express yourself, and to keep your mind active. If you’ve got the time to drown yourself in BuzzFeed articles, you’ve got the time to write something for yourself.



7. Instead of saying you’re going to do something amazing, just go and do it

Yes, money can be an issue with most things, but why not start putting aside a little bit of pocket money so that each month you can do something you’ve never done before? If you were planning on avoiding your work anyway, you may as well go big.



And if none of that tickles your pickle, just have your pizza Joey style.

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