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8 Reasons You Should Be Happy That Orange Is The New Black Is Back

Last summer, Netflix wowed us with Orange is the New Black and this June, it’s back.

Set in a women’s prison in the US, this show highlights racial and sexual politics within the system while also managing to be hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure.

The second series premieres on the 6th June, leaving plenty of time to catch up, re-watch, and relish in the gritty dark comedy. Here’s why June is going to be the greatest month of our lives….

1. Discovering the fate of Piper Chapman

The Piper cliff hanger left us screaming at the TV (well, the laptop). Prison or maybe just Pennsatucky’s campaign against her seems to have finally cracked Piper, but will she come back fighting?

2. The Change in Dynamic

With Red no longer Queen Bee, who knows what the implications will be on the Ladies in Orange. Will Red claw her way back with her sassy Russian ways? We can only hope so, because the more Red the better.

3. Finding out if Larry comes back

Poor Larry, not only was his fiancé put in jail, but her ex-girlfriend happened to be in there with her. He’s  had to make some difficult choices, but will his decision change if he hears about the Piper/Pennsatucky altercation?

It’s Jason Biggs for crying out loud, he has to come back!

4. Having Crazy Eyes back in our lives

Suzanne, AKA Crazy Eyes, is shocking, funny, sweet and maybe just a bit misunderstood. She gave up her pudding for Piper for goodness sake! HER PUDDING! Okay, she can be a little bit strange, but she’s the secret star of the show and we love her.

5. Daya and Bennett

Daya and Bennett are an adorable couple, but their relationship was met with major dilemmas; guard/prisoner relationships are always going to be a bit tricky.

Daya’s pregnancy could have lost Bennett his job, what’s going to happen to the baby and their relationship now?

6. More laughs

The comedy in this show is pure brilliance, helping to soften the blow of more serious, emotional scenes. It shows off some incredible comedic writing and timing, more of this please.

7. Getting to know the characters

We got to see several of the women’s back-stories in the first series, so we’re bound to learn more about the characters and hopefully be introduced to some new ones.

8. You can binge watch the whole thing

Netflix is everybody’s best friend, and will be even more so come June when we can close the curtains and settle in for a OITNB marathon! There’s nothing better than watching something until it hurts; not long now.


The hopes are high, let’s hope they deliver an even better second series with even more Crazy Eyes!

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