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18 Crucial Things Every Fresher Should Take To Uni

So, you got in!!! You’re officially too excited to finally get there, meet everyone, and even sort of go to lectures (this feeling won’t last). 

However, there are a few things you’ll definitely need first. Packing your bags ready to move out of home for the first time? Don’t forget these essentials…

1. Lots of Alcohol.

An obvious one, but again, alcohol = friends.

2. Lots of chocolate – to help soothe the pain of the alcohol.

Always applicable, remember the golden rule – in Freshers, food = friends. Also great for curing any effects of the above point.

3. Paracetamol.

For when the chocolate doesn’t work.

4. A huge variety of fancy dress options.

Forget normal clothes, first year will require a smorgasbord of fancy dress costumes. If you don’t bring enough options, you’ll soon find yourself resorting to the tinfoil-binbag-alien combo.

5. Industrial-strength face wipes.

To remove last night’s face paint mixed with shame.

6. A clothes horse.

Forgotten by most students, essential if you want to save money on dryers and don’t fancy draping wet laundry across your desk for days on end, waiting for it to dry.

7. Millions of pens.

Seems obvious right? But at some point throughout the year these will grow legs and walk off, so you can never really have enough.

8. Enough underwear to last at least two weeks.

No one wants to do laundry in Freshers, so stock up to ensure you have enough underwear (and clothes in general) to make it through.

9. Easy-to-cook food.

Freshers is guaranteed to be sleep deprived and alcohol fuelled, so food that’s easy to cook will save time and effort when you decide you need a 3am snack.

10. Headphones/earplugs.

Halls can be loud and sometimes you hear some pretty strange things in the middle of the night, so just don some headphones or earplugs and zone out when you need a break from the madness.

11. Speakers.

For when you want to join in the madness.

12. A wok – the ultimate kitchen tool.

Forget all other kitchen essentials; from fried eggs, to stir-fry, to spaghetti – everything can be cooked in a wok. It is the most versatile of all cooking equipment.

13. Your passport/license.

Fancy getting a job at Uni? You’ll need various forms of ID, so if you fancy earning some extra cash at Uni don’t forget this. Also pretty key if you want to get into clubs/buy alcohol, most importantly.

14. A mattress protector.

Halls mattresses have seen and been put through a lot, a mattress protector will prevent any damage charges and stop you thinking about those dodgy stains. Out of sight, out of mind… Right?

15. Safety Pins.

Never underestimate how useful these guys are. From pinning together last-minute costumes to saving you during disasters, it always helps to have a few of these lurking about.

16. A Toastie maker.

Okay so this one is a bit extravagant, but remember; you can put anything in a toastie. Anything.

17. An extension lead/multi-way plug.

Just in case your room only has two plugs when you need to use your laptop, printer, xbox, speakers and hair dryer all at the same time.

18. A sense of humour.

Grumpy people don’t make a great first impression, and first impressions are what Freshers is all about. Make sure you’ve got a smile and can laugh at yourself (especially when you make a drunken fool out of yourself).

Remember all these things and freshers should be a breeze. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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