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5 Problems You Face When You Have Your Family On Facebook

We’ve all been there; you love your parents, but nothing makes your heart sink faster than getting a friend request from Mum, Dad, Aunty Hilda or all of the above.

So we face a dilemma when our parents ask us to help them tweet; do we show them the ropes, or change the conversation? After all, what could be the harm in them being online? This…

1. When they see inappropriate pictures

At some point someone is going to post a picture on some form of social media of you doing something stupid. That picture of you after a few too many drinks, trying to crawl under the cupboards? Your family have seen it before you had any chance to hit ‘hide from timeline’.

Solution: Change your privacy settings so that you have to approve everything you’re tagged in. Also handy if you don’t want future employers to see the pictures of you dancing on tables from Halloween.

2. When they’re the ones posting inappropriate pictures

It’s not just friends posting pictures that you have to worry about. Remember that picture of you on holiday pretending to stuff a giant ice cream in your mouth, whilst pulling the single most unattractive face known to man? Well, now all your friends/that guy/girl you’ve been flirting with/anyone on your friends list can see it.

This also applies to unattractive, and possibly even naked, baby pictures. Some things just need to stay in the family photo albums.

Solution: Privacy. Settings.

Thanks Mum...

Megan Baynes

3. They take ‘frapes’ completely literally

That frape about you dropping out of University, that your entire flat thought was hilarious? Your Mum has already called security and sent them round to check on you before you have time to draw breath. Thank you, facebook.

Solution: Never trust your flatmates again.

4. Being constantly asked for help with technology

Remember, if you set them up on social media, you will forever then be their go-to on every possible technical glitch. You can expect frantic phone calls when they’ve accidentally posted something and don’t know how to get rid of it.

Solution: Suck it up. You put them on there; you only have yourself to blame.

5. Sibling snitching

Siblings bring their own danger, with every status/picture/frape/comment  being immediately parroted back to your parents.

Remember that time you drunkenly updated your status at 2am, about how much you ‘LOVER B3ERSsss:~)’, but managed to delete it a few hours later without anyone seeing? Well it was seen and has been reported back. Good luck explaining that next time you phone home…

Solution: If they’re younger siblings, you probably won’t be cool enough to be on their friends list anyway. If you are, just fight dirty.

You might regret having your family online, but remember, they’re the only ones who will update their status about you every time you achieve something great, and they can always be counted on to like your status, or follow you on Twitter, making you feel and look more popular.

Thanks, guys.

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