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7 Ways You Never Thought of Spending Your Summer

Summer always starts in the same way; lots of fun plans, yet you’ll always find yourself bored out of your mind by the second week.

If a drinking holiday in Maga never quite appealed to you, check out these unusual ways to spend your summer holiday. Lots more productive than sitting and watching every Netflix series, however tempting…

1. Work at a festival

Always wanted to go to a festival but never been able to afford the ticket? Well, now you can volunteer to work in exchange for free access to the festival.

As well as access to the (slightly nicer) crew café, toilets, and showers, you are also given camping facilities. In addition, because you only have to work 3 x 8 hour shifts throughout the festival (24 hours in total) you still have loads of time to enjoy the festival with your friends.

2. Outward Bound

If you love the outdoors, meeting new people, and challenging yourself then an Outward Bound course is perfect for you. Spend either one or three weeks in Aberdovey in Wales, the Lake District, or Loch Eil in Scotland. You’ll scale mountains whilst making new friends from around the world, and have a guaranteed amazing time.

Courses range in price, but luckily there are Outward Bound Trusts across the country dedicated to providing funding to those who wouldn’t be able to afford the opportunity themselves, so make sure to check out your local branch. A three week adventure at 50% off? Yes please.

3. Workaway, Worldwide

Fancy a free holiday, and aren’t averse to a little bit of housework? If you’re looking for a way to really immerse yourself in a foreign culture, check out Workaway. In exchange for volunteer work with a family or a small organisation, you get a room, board, and the security of a place to stay with welcoming people.

The type of volunteer work varies from standard housework for a family, to volunteering with a small organisation – you could do all sorts. You can use this as a base, and an opportunity to travel around a country for cheap, practice your language skills and meet people you wouldn’t normally. Win-win!

4. Travel to Cornwall

Just want a quiet weekend away with friends this summer? The north coast of Cornwall, Bude, offers sun, sea and great opportunities for surfing, all at a student price. Bude Holiday Park is just a short walk away from town and is cheap as chips at just £8.70 per person per night.

Great coastal walks, surfing lessons, and plenty of beaches mean if you’re looking for a peaceful, fun trip away, look no further. Plus, staying in the country immediately cuts out expensive flight costs.

5. Walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

If you fancied taking a few weeks away to really explore Spanish culture, then try El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, or ‘The way of St. James’. Dating back to the 9th century, you can walk any part of the route (the whole route takes about a month if you really fancy a challenge), and crosses mountains, beaches, and deserts.

The main selling point is the community along the walk; meet people from all different walks of life and make friends across the world that you’ll stay in touch with for the rest of your life.

Along the route you’ll stay in ‘Albergues’ stationed along the route with other people. Because there is no set time, you can walk as fast, or as slow, as you want, taking the time to really enjoy genuine Spanish culture.

6. Experience Taizé.

If you lean towards the more spiritual end of the spectrum, you should definitely take some time out in the Taizé community.

Throughout summer people gather there from across the world to make friends and explore their different faiths. Take your guitar and spend a few weeks chilling out, and meeting amazing people.

7. Work in America

What could be better than working in an American theme park and getting paid for it? There are great opportunities to work in a wide variety of jobs across America besides the traditional Camps.

From Ranches to Theme Parks and also to Summer Camps, spend your summer making new friends across the pond and having the experience of a lifetime.

Have a great Summer; remember you don’t have many left before you have to graduate, so make the most of it!

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