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19 Things That Will Make You Glad It’s Nearly Winter

Summer is officially over. Autumn is here and winter is drawing in. The long hot sunny days of going to the beach and drinking cider with your friends are over and months of cold and rain are approaching.

However, there’s no need to let the winter blues get to you. There are lots of things to be happy about now that summer is gone.

1. You can say “Winter is coming” in a dramatic voice – and really mean it.

2. Jumpers, hats, gloves, slippers – you can dig them all out again.

It feels like you’re permanently wrapped in a soft blanket.

3. No more sweating, frizzy hair, sunburn or awkward tan lines.

4. Travelling is much more comfortable.

No more being stuck between smelly damp people on public transport and turning up with birds nest hair because you had your car window open.



5. The summer holidays are over and children are back at school.

Thank goodness! No more hordes of screaming children and stressed parents wherever you go.

6.We can drink endless hot chocolates.

7. No more terrifying wasps or pesky flies and ants.

8. You have a legitimate excuse to stay in and watch TV all day.

After all it’s too cold to do anything else.

9. You don’t have to feel like a loser if you choose to stay in on a Friday evening.

In the summer you’re expected to go to the pub, the beach, and to all the barbecues, but in the winter it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in snuggled up.

10. Mulled wine.

The perfect excuse to drink alcohol at any time because “you need warming up”.

11. You have an excuse to wear your nice new boots and splash out on a new coat.

You get your student loan at the beginning of autumn, it’s almost like it’s telling you to do it. Plus, with all those winter sales, it would be rude not to.


You can’t help it, you’re still as excited as you were when you were a kid. Nowadays the excitement stems more from having a real excuse to miss lectures or work, but snow fights are still fun.

13. You’re not forced to eat salad all the time because “it’s summer”.

14. Instead you get roast dinners, stews and pies. All the tasty, carb heavy foods you’ve been longing for all summer.

BBC / via

BBC / via

15. You secretly still love crunching autumn leaves and splashing puddles.

Only now you have to do it on the sly as you walk so people don’t think you’re a weirdo.


16. Everyone is appropriately covered up in winter.

You don’t have to deal with seeing people who think it’s ok to walk around in public with their shirts off or wearing teeny tiny shorts when they really shouldn’t.

17. You don’t have to put as much effort into your appearance.

Messy hair? Wear a hat. Haven’t shaved? Long sleeves and trousers. Can’t decide on an outfit? Meh, you’ll be wearing a big jumper and a coat over the top anyway. If this happens in summer, you’re screwed.

18. Some of the best nights out are in winter; Halloween, Christmas Eve and new year’s eve.

Lots of opportunity for drinking, dressing up, and more drinking.

19. And, of course, Christmas.

The biggest holiday of the year. Love it or hate it, everyone looks forward to getting presents, time off and eating lots of food.

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