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13 People You See Without Fail at Every Music Gig

You know gigs, full of people who love the same music as you, all there for a good time and all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the main act even after suffering through a support (two if you’re really unlucky). But have you ever taken the time to drag your eyes away from the artist you’ve spent your student loan on? Because if you haven’t, you’ve been missing out. There are some treasures to be found right at the side of you.

No matter what gig you’re at, it’s almost a certainty that you’ll spot these people mingling in the crowd of screaming fans.

1. The over excited girl, screaming and clapping at a blast of smoke or a shadow on stage.

She manages to break the eardrums of everyone around her within minutes. All while finding it hilarious.



2. The emotional fan. They’ve counted down the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months to this moment and it’s slightly overwhelming.

Invariably leads to a minor breakdown during the first song.

3. The bored parent / partner.

Poor souls dragged along being used for their car or money and being forced to spend three hours in a room they’d call hell. They usually look terrified.


4. The ticket touts walking past you twenty times asking if you have any spare. 

Buzz off pal, if I did, I wouldn’t sell to you.

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5. The guys selling merch outside.

Do people willingly pay for tatty posters and itchy t-shirts?



6. The merchandise enthusiast. Head to toe in merch you didn’t even know existed.

Is the hair bobble an official product?



7. The drunk. Every gig has one. Or a few.



8. The fainting fan. Usually due to being squashed against the barrier for hours.

They have to be taken away by security never to be seen again. Where do they go?



9. The happy couple who spend the night staring into each other’s eyes and singing the words to each other.

We don’t need to see your tonsils.



10. The gaggle of middle aged people taking the chance to feel 16 again.

The likelihood of seeing them increases as the age of the band decreases.

11. The aspiring dancer.

We get it, you like to dance but you’re terrible. Now put your hands in your pockets.



12. Disgruntled security with faces like thunder, ready to take down whoever steps into their gangway or blocks the fire door.



13. And of course, no gig would be complete without the tall guy stood in front of you. 


So next time you’re stood at a gig pressed against sweaty bodies, have a look around. It might make up for the rubbish support act.

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Want to write an article like this?

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