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Here Are The 10 UK Universities With The Highest-Paid Graduates

A national survey has revealed which UK universities produce the best paid graduates, i100 has reported.

The data contains submissions of anonymous alumni up to 5 years after graduation.

If you’re still applying to study your undergraduate degree or any postgraduate course, this could be your guide to a bright future. To those who have graduated already, at least you know who should be paying the next round.

1. London Business School: £69,000

2. University of Oxford: £54,000

3. Warwick Business School: £53,000

4. University of Cambridge: £52,500

5. Cass Business School: £50,500

6. London School of Economics and Political Science: £50,000

7. University of Sheffield: £49,000

8. University of Edinburgh: £48,500

9. Imperial College London: £47,000

10. University of Birmingham: £46,500

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