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11 Hilariously True Stages of Picking Societies During Freshers’ Week

Whether you’ve just arrived at University or you’re a returning student, trying to find the right societies for you is a challenge we all have to overcome. Here are just a few of the really hilarious things that will happen when you’re picking societies during Freshers’ week.

1. You’ll walk into that place like a man/woman on a mission.

If you’re a first year student, you’ve probably been browsing your University’s societies page weeks in advance. If this isn’t your first Freshers’ fair, you’ve probably been telling yourself that this time will be easier.


2. The first thing you notice is that there are just so many options.

Are there even this many courses available at Uni?


3. You prepare yourself for a barrage of society representatives doing their very best to convince you to join their society.

Freshers’ week is one of the only times when the societies can advertise themselves in all their glory, and they really take advantage of the opportunity.


4. You’ll probably encounter a few fast food places handing out free food samples.

Of course, you need that free slice of Domino’s pizza for brain fuel to help you in all the important decision-making to come.


5. With all the options available, trying to pick societies turns out to be quite the journey of self-discovery.

You always did fancy yourself as a bit of a cake aficionado, so maybe the Baking Society is a winner.


6. Then that little voice of reason inside your head quickly reminds you that you can’t even make toast.

Mary Berry would not endorse this decision.


7. Did I mention free food?

Seriously, no explanation needed.

8. There comes a time when you just can’t handle standing through any more over-enthusiastic speeches.

You soon learn that the trick is to avoid direct eye contact and just keep walking.


9. You feel a twinge of regret as you walk away with one too many complimentary goody bags.

You might have bagged yourself a tin of baked beans and some more key rings to add your stash, but you’re feeling more unsure of what you want to do in your free time at Uni than when you started.


10. Then you have to navigate all the emails from societies over the next few days.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to give out your email address at all those stalls.


11.  In the end, you probably won’t stick with all of those you signed up to.

But that’s okay – because the ones you do stick with will be where you’ll make some of your closest, long-lasting friends.


You never know, fast forward a year and you might just find that you’re the one over-enthusiastically promoting your society to any poor fresher who makes the mistake of catching your eye…

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