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6 Benefits of Being a Graduate Nobody Tells You About

Like many before me, this summer I finished uni and immediately descended into a traumatic haze; anticipating a life of office jobs, sensible alcohol consumption and receding hairlines.

But it’s not all that bad. Here are a few lesser-known graces of being a graduate to help you look on the bright side.



1. You become healthier

Fun as it was, 1 meal and 15 units a day isn’t a sustainable way to live. Now you’re a graduate you’ll wake up still full from the hearty meal the night before, and of course you won’t have that unavoidable sense of regret.

2. Society no longer hates you

Second only to teenagers, students are the scourge of society in the eyes of the average citizen. Revel in announcing your job as a part-time sales associate with pride as you are finally accepted into the rat race.

3. You’ll no longer be penniless

Now don’t get too excited about this one, as you will almost certainly still be poor. However, one of the wonders of the endless slog of employment is regular income, so enjoy deciding between Tesco Value or Captain Birdseye chicken nuggets, as opposed to fasting all week just so you can afford to go out on Friday.

4. You’ll discover a work ethic you wish you had as a student

Ask any scrupulous punter to think of an adjective when you say ‘student’, and most will reply with ‘lazy’. There is a reason for this, as it turns out only having 10 hours of lectures a week tends to result in a lot of spare time, much of which will be spent in the warm embrace of your duvet. In the real world things are a little different, so marvel at managing to do your washing AND go for a run in the same day, and appreciate seeing your first sunrise since that time you left the library at 6am on submission day.

5. Though you’ll have fewer freedoms, living at home has its benefits

Independence is a beautiful thing, and for many one of the great joys of uni is that first unbridled thrill at playing Halo 3 until four in the morning without angry chastisement from your sleep-deprived parents. However, what is it worth? While you will bemoan once again living under your mother’s iron-fisted rule, at least take comfort knowing that your cupboard is devoid of cockroaches and that you can turn the heating on without first holding a house meeting.

6. This is the start of the rest of your life

Let’s not lie, uni was great fun, and for many people they will never feel as free. But life is a rich tapestry, and there is much more to it than pound-a-pint Mondays and tin-foiling your housemate’s possessions. Whether you travel the world or find your dream job, the world is now very much your oyster.



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