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21 Signs You’re Having a Mid-Uni Crisis

Around about half way through your time at uni, you may well find yourself at this crossroads moment. You begin to question everything that’s gone before and you get the overwhelming feeling that time is rapidly snowballing out of control.

People told you uni would fly by, but you’re not ready to accept that it’d go quite this quickly.

1. You experience sudden pangs of regret, a kind of retrospective fomo and oh my god where has all the time gone??

2. You immediately wish that you’d worried less, that you’d revised harder, and that you’d joined the Harry Potter society.

3. You desperately miss first year.

The exuberance and overload of newness that whirred by in a haze of Sainsbury’s basics vodka, face paint and, erm, weight gain.

4. Clicking through those old Facebook photos of first year pre-drinks in the kitchen puts you into an overwhelming state of nostalgia.

Though it’s funny to see how fresh faced and energetic you all look.

5. Not to mention the ‘It’s only first year’ excuse, when your year of studying barely counted for anything.

Those really were the days.

6. You’ve coped with the slight increase in pressure of second year, you know what you’re doing and gone are the days when you felt personally victimised by Turnitin.

7. You’re smacked in the face by the harsh reality that you have final year hurling towards you at full speed.

It just used to seem so, so far in the distance.

8. You therefore resolve to make the absolute most of the freedom you have left before stepping into the real world.

Always saying yes and going out at every possible opportunity.

9. Hearing that friends have got actual real world graduate job offers sends you into a fit of panic.

10. You slowly begin the incredibly time-consuming process of internship applications.

And feel like you have about a 1 in 50 chance of getting anywhere.

11. You’re utterly terrified at the prospect of finding yourself a real life job.

Not to mention paying bills, properly living away from home, not having student loan day and, well, just being an actual functioning adult.

12. You start to check your emails as much as Twitter in the hope some business will take you.

13. But then, just after this mild-existential crisis – that can strike at any moment – you begin to wonder, are we really coming to the end of ‘The Time of Our Lives’?

14. You realise how it easy it is to look back on first year with rose tinted glasses.

15. And you remember those lectures the morning after Sports Night. When you had the shakes and you could still somehow smell alcohol permeating from somewhere.

16. And those seminars spent clinging onto your coffee, willing for the time to go home and wrap yourself up in your duvet like a fajita, hoping to get through it simply by doing lots of nodding.


17. You turn a corner and find yourself in an enlightened state of clarity.

You know that, in reality, we were all just muddling through it. We had days where we questioned whether we were even doing the right degree in the first place.

18. You form shaky foundations of a vague ability to budget.

19. You had to overcome personal challenges, whether it was one too many unnecessary night time fire alarms, God-awful Tinder dates or your food being stolen from the fridge.

20. You decide that you can’t beat yourself up for past decisions, and that the whole point of going to uni is to grow.

21. And hey, you’re a little older and wiser now and can absolutely handle whatever the next stage of life throws at you.

You’ve got this.

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