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Calling All Student Developers, Here’s How You Could Win a Trip to New York

Ever find your mind wandering from the work you’re supposed to be doing to the travelling you wish you were doing? Well, we have some good news for you. Especially if the destination of those would-be travels is New York City.

If going to Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, having a stroll around Central Park and taking in the sights of the big apple while pretending you’re 100% the forgotten seventh cast member of Friends sounds up your street, you’re in luck.

Amazon’s The Grand Tour is offering students, and only students (YAY), the chance to win four tickets to New York.

Given that when our Student Finance drops, we have about five seconds of financial security before whoops, had to buy some food, pay rent and book train tickets home for Christmas, a trip like this probably hasn’t been on the horizon.

But you now have the chance to take the wheel and bag a trip for four people to the most photographed city in the world, thanks to Amazon and The Grand Tour.


How does it work?

All you need to do is submit an idea for a skill for an Alexa device (one of those v Black Mirror-esque voice controlled personal assistants) that’s related to the TV show.

An example on the website is ‘Alexa, flash your lights when The Grand Tour comes on’, but you can definitely think of something a little more imaginative.

They’re looking for something funny, slightly off the wall and audacious, and something that fans of The Grand Tour would want to use every day. It’s judged on fun and functionality, engagement, innovation and feasibility.

So get thinking, ask your friends, ask your family members, and head over to their website for some inspiration – you don’t have long, as the deadline is the 10th December.

There are prizes for finalists and runners up, and you get a Grand Tour t-shirt for entering.

You can find all the details you need here.

Good luck!

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