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10 Things All Blondes Have To Regularly Endure

Being blonde can be awesome, both naturally or otherwise. However, with great power comes great responsibility…

Here are the downfalls that most blondes will recognise as part of their daily trauma. Poor us.

1. The ‘dumb-blonde’ jokes.

For example: “How do you get a blonde on the roof?” – “Tell her drinks are on the house.”

The worst part is that some of them are actually funny, but laughing along makes people think you agree with the stereotype.

2. People assuming your head is full of air.

As though your hair colour somehow affects your brain.

3. “You need to do your roots” comments.

It gets NATURALLY bleached in the sun, okay?

4. “Nah, no way is that natural. Prove it.”

Um, seriously?

5. People telling you that “pink is really your colour”.

Who says so? Barbie?

6. Similarly, people telling you “you can’t wear yellow”.

Yellow is bright and fabulous and I shall wear it anyway.

7. Dyes soak into your hair like a sponge.

“Ooh, I’ll just dye it with a semi so it’ll only last a couple of weeks.” This doesn’t happen. Ever.

8. You tend to have no eyebrows. Or eyelashes.

Thank god for tinting.


9. You either tan or burn, without much inbetween.

That sucks for those of us that drew the short straw.

10. You stick out like a sore thumb in some places.

Blonde hair often attracts unwanted attention in certain parts of the world, meaning people will descend upon you like a wake of vultures. (I looked it up. It’s definitely a wake.)


But at the end of the day, we do have more fun, so that makes up for it, right?

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