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10 Things You Weren’t Expecting About Private Accommodation

You’ve moved out of Halls to share a house with people you’re hopefully closer to now. So it’s got to be better, right?

Well, here are some things you may not have been expecting from private accommodation…

1. Even your friends can be annoying to live with.

Being in such a close proximity all the time means your housemates are bound to get on your nerves at some point. If you haven’t lived with them before you’ll start to notice all their bad habits. Even the best of friends can be slobs.

2. Having to deal with bills.

In your first year you have the wonderful privilege of having the university handle your bills for you. Not anymore. And yes, a lot of the time power companies can be douchebags.

3. The cold.

Handling your own bills also means racking up the costs by turning the heating on. To save money, it’s likely you’ll be shivering away the winter in a onesie. What does warmth feel like again?

4. Damp.

Along with the cold comes the damp. Whether that means your bedroom walls start to look green and fuzzy, or else the slithers of wet wallpaper condemn you to a year-lasting cold, it’s┬ánever fun.

5. Douchebag landlords & estate agents.

You complain about the damp and they do nothing. Something breaks and they do nothing. It’s safe to say that landlords & estate agents like to exploit their student tenants.

6. The difficulty of getting to lectures.

Your Halls probably allowed you to roll out of bed five minutes before a lecture and trundle down to your classes. Most likely, you no longer have that luxury. Whether it’s a walk or a bus-ride away, it’s suddenly so much more effort going to university.

7. You have considerably more to clean.

It may seem wonderful having a whole house/flat to yourself, but once it’s dirty you may change your mind.

8. The pain of having neighbours who aren’t students.

In Halls noise is generally accepted. However, if you’re in a house that’s surrounded by elderly couples for your second year, you may find your famous parties have to come to an abrupt stop.

9. Having to actually get to know the town/city.

When people ask where you live you now have to explain the road name, its location and which memorable student landmarks (so, pubs) it’s near. It was so much easier just telling people the name of your Halls…

10. Random fireplaces you can’t use.

At first, you think they add an extra something to the room. Then you release all they add is a draft.

So, maybe there are some downsides to living in private accommodation, and sure enough there will be times you miss living in Halls. But there are plenty of great things too. After all, inspections will be nothing more than a nightmare of the past.

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