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11 Reasons Why Freshers and Final Years Can Never Be Friends

You’re coming to the end of your time at university. The dissertation looms, as does life as a graduate. Then all the Freshers come bounding into Halls and without really knowing why, you sense a strong dislike simmering in your gut. Well, like your own personal psychiatrist, we’ve analysed these feelings for you.

Here are 11 reasons why you’re never going to befriend a fresher (spoiler: it’s because you’re too bitter).

1. They’re too excited.

Fresher’s stroll into uni with broad smiles and their lives full of expectation and new friends. In other words, they’re a little like untrained puppies. For the embittered third-years readying themselves to face the graduate pool, it’s too much to deal with.

2. They go out 7 nights a week.

The third years will wonder how their livers ever managed, and begrudge those Freshers their freedom from pressing assignments that actually count towards their degree.

Speaking of which…

3. Their work doesn’t count yet.

Sure, they still have to pass everything, but the pressure is not even close to what third years face with the onslaught of dissertation research.

4. They still think lectures are fun.

Sure, some of them are interesting in third year, but fun? Rarely. The novelty of lecture theatres and note-taking however, is still full of sparkles to all of those Freshers and their enthusiasm is bound to get annoying.

5. They gawp when they know you’re a third year.

Especially if they see you out clubbing. God forbid a third year should have enough time for a night out.



6. They don’t know how to budget yet.

Watching those Freshers spend, spend, spend easily grates when third years are saving every penny for the electricity bill. Sure, they’ll be broke by the end of term, but sometimes third years wish they had forgotten how to budget too.

 7. They’re still best friends with all their flatmates.

Don’t worry though, the drama will kick off soon.

8. Most of them are only just eighteen.

“Eighteen? Eighteen! That’s so young. Was I ever eighteen?” Unbelievably, yes, you were one of them once.

9. They still don’t know what they want to do with their life.

Unfortunately, the third years have had to start thinking about their futures after uni and miss the days when they didn’t have a clue.

10. They have no alcohol tolerance.

Drinking with Freshers can be painful. One of their pints gets pennied and they’re gone for the rest of the night. Drinking as a third year is far more expensive.

11. Yet somehow they never seem to get hangovers.

Third years may have even begun to enter the realm of two-day hangovers. So Freshers get more drunk for less money and they don’t have to pay for it the following day. It’s just unfair.



We may be bitter and cynical, but really we’re just jealous.

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