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11 Things You Can Expect To See At Graduation

For most of us, graduation is a once in a life time occasion, so it makes sense to enjoy it, along with all of its little quirks.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see during graduation, both annoying and memorable…

1. A ridiculous outfit made serious.

I don’t know who designed the tasseled hats and flowing Hogwarts robes, but let’s face it, they’re not cool. Graduation may be the one day you can look like a clown and receive nothing but appreciative looks from your peers.



2. The show-off.

There’s always that one person that has to make an impression when they take to the stage for their handshake. Whether it be a swift bow, a jump or a somersault, there’s always one.

3. The wannabe photographer.

The one friend that has to take a hundred photos to commemorate the occasion. Just trying to down my glass of champagne, stop getting evidence.

4. Embarrassing parents.

Although you’re now a successful young adult, your parents still manage to embarrass you with graduation teddies and insisting you pose in every possible location.

5. The beyond painful shoes.

Feel sorry for the one girl that forgot she was going to have to actually walk in those shoes. Everyone will watch in terror to see if she tumbles as she totters across the stage.

6. The drunk person.

For some, graduation can be a painful experience full of too much pomp and ceremony. They’re the ones that have already been drinking for several hours before stage time.

7. Awkward laughter.

Walking up there in front of everyone you know is a nerve-wracking process. But it’s okay, just hide your shakes with a laugh. It’ll make you seem like you have everything under control. Definitely.

8. The badly timed ringtone.

If a situation deems silence, you can guarantee a phone will go off. Graduation is no exception to this rule.

9. The painful hat-palaver.

Throwing the graduation caps is a well known tradition, but no one thinks to consider what happens when they come down…

10. The speech that makes everyone doze off.

This is meant to be a momentous occasion, so why is it so dreadfully boring?

11. The blowout party.

The ceremony’s over, so all that’s left is to party hard, until you eventually fall asleep from the emotional stress of it all, that is.

Graduation over? Congrats! And welcome to the real world…

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