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11 Ways To Pretend You’re Still At University

If you’ve graduated, or if you’re just home for summer, chances are memories of uni are haunting your dreams. 

But there is still hope. Here are some ways you can pretend you’re still at university.


1. If you already have a night out planned, make sure you turn up in fancy dress.

It’s acceptable at uni to randomly turn up to social events in a onesie – make it acceptable in your home town.

2. No night out planned? There’s no shame in drinking alone.

You could always ‘penny’ your own pint.

3. For absolutely no reason at all, pull an all-nighter.

You’ll feel like a hardcore student.

4. Set yourself an alarm to wake up. When you miss it, scold yourself.

You missed your imaginary lecture.

5. Write an essay of your choosing and mark it yourself.

“Oh my gosh, I got a First!”

6. Eat Super Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Grisly, yes, but those nostalgic memories will all come rushing back.

7. Make sure you devote at least a third of your day to moaning about money.

You’d most likely be lamenting the loss of your student loan anyway.

8. Skype your family.

Sure, they may only be a room away, but it saves you walking.

9. Watch several hours of Netflix a night.

Oh, you’re too tired? Well, too bad. You’re still a student, remember?

10. Hand-write notes from the internet.

Even if you just copy out Wikipedia, it will remind you of all those long, hard days of research.

11. And lastly, make plans with your university friends.

Nothing will remind you of uni more than the people you shared it with.

Feel better? Thought so.

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