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13 Reasons British Students Can’t Get Enough of America

A new study has found that more Brits are studying across the Atlantic than ever before. Attracted by generous bursaries and a wider variety of courses, there are now over 10,000 British students in the USA.

If you’re considering an exchange university year, or perhaps you’re wondering where to go travelling – well, here are some reasons you should consider choosing America.

1. They will go crazy over your accent.

Just speaking makes you interesting. Everyone will be clamouring to be your friend.

2. E Numbers.

America are a little more slack when it comes to food colouring, this means sweets are practically psychedelic. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

3. The weather.

This had to be in here somewhere didn’t it? What sort of Brit doesn’t consider the weather? America generally has sunny summers and snowy winters – ‘proper’ seasons. None of this rain-and-cloud-all-year-round rubbish.

4. Parties with red Solo cups.

These actually do exist. So do yellow school buses.

5. Being able to go somewhere a film is based.

Next time you watch Sex & The City you can bellow “I’VE BEEN THERE,” whenever they show Times Square.

6. The patriotism.

We Brits tend to moan a lot about our country while secretly loving it. Though a little overwhelming, you definitely know most Americans are happy to be in the land of the free.

7. The sports.

American football, ice hockey, basketball, baseball – it’s always showing on a screen somewhere. Plus, if you go to see a game you’ll find it’s more like a performance, complete with glistening adverts and brass bands.

8. The lack of roundabouts.

Okay, so if you like roundabouts, this point isn’t for you. But if you hate them, go to America. There aren’t any.

9. They celebrate everything.

They have the 4th July, Thanksgiving, Labour Day. So unfair.

10. The junk food.

Churros, Yum.

11. The wildlife.

What do we have? Ladybirds and flying ants. In the States you could actually die from a spider bite. How exciting! Or… terrifying…

12. The exchange rate.

Everything is cheaper in America anyway, but add that to the fact that the exchange rate favours the pound, and you might as well shop till you drop.

13. And you can drive when you’re 16.

Okay, so you’ll have to wait till you’re 21 to hit the bars, but all the above will help you get over it.

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