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13 Signs You’re Addicted To YouTube

With the amount of different channels on YouTube, you’d be hard-pushed to run out of things to watch. However, some of us may love the site a little bit too much.

There are a few warning signs that every YouTube lover should watch out for. Here are a few…

1. You’re subscribed to 30+ channels and get anxious when you’re more than a couple of days behind.

2. In almost every conversation you find yourself saying, “Have you seen that video where…?”

3. Channels with over a million subscribers are too mainstream for you.

You watched them since they were on 300, you knew it was cool before it was cool.

4. You know where your favourite YouTubers live.

That’s verging on weird.

5. You feel sad when YouTubers go through a break-up.

Farewell, Max No Sleeves.

6. And ELATED when they finally get together.

Yay, Zalfie!

7. The newest episode of Game of Thrones is out, but you’re still watching YouTube.

8. “I’ll just watch one more… HOW IS IT 5AM?” – Happens too often.

9. You have dreams about shopping/gaming/chilling with YouTubers.

And you always wake up feeling sad that it wasn’t real.

10. You’ve been to VidCon.

Or you’re making plans for next year.

11. You’ve bought YouTube merchandise.

12. You turn off your ad-blocker to help YouTubers with their funds.

13. You’ve even sent a video response to someone.

Props for effort.

If you can relate to most of these, you may have a YouTube problem. But ah well, worse things have happened.

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