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13 Things You Can Only Get Away With At University

University is often like living in a bubble. Some of the rules of the real world don’t apply, and breaking them may even earn you student-respect.

These things you can only get away with as a student.

1. Ordering takeaways seven days a week.

I said acceptable, not affordable.

2. Living off beans on toast and Super Noodles. 

To afford those takeaways, you better save money on your food shopping, right? At least beans count as one of your five a day…

3. Doing no exercise whatsoever.

Students are just too busy for that. There’s far too much work to do. Plus, gym memberships are for the wealthy.

4. Being in so much debt.

Unless you’re very fortunate, debt and overdrafts are pretty much a given at university. Make the most of judgement-free poverty.

5. Getting lucky.

Not that this is only acceptable at university, but it may be the only place it’s actively encouraged.

6. Drinking on weekdays in the day time.

Maybe it was sunny and you took some cider to the beach. Maybe you decided to play a drinking game in a lecture. Or maybe you just started early. No matter, fellow students will only nod with approval. After university, however, they’ll question your life choices.

7. Being unemployed.

It may be the only time in your life that you don’t have to work, thanks to that beautiful student loan. Plus, with all that studying, you definitely don’t have time for other commitments. Make the most of being job-free!

8. Sleeping in.

2pm. That’s a standard wake-up time. With all those hangovers to sleep off, and all the socialising to do late at night, it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep until your afternoon lectures.

9. Not leaving the house for several days.

All those deadlines are keeping you confined inside. If anyone questions your outfit choice, a single mention of assignments will bring on sighs of understanding.

10. Buying new clothes with no money.

Student accounts thankfully allow you hefty overdraft limits, and that student discount isn’t going to last forever! You definitely need to browse the H&M sale.

11. Not cleaning.

Heck, half of that mess is down to your grotty housemates, no way should you have to clean up their filth. Plus, the inspection isn’t for another month…

12. Strolling through town in fancy dress.

Whether you’re going to a themed social or attending a fundraising event, fancy dress happens so often that your crazy outfits will barely award you with more than a passing glance from fellow students.

13. Not thinking about the future.

University is sort of like limbo between school and the real world of careers, jobs and general ickiness. AKA, bliss.

We’re so lucky.

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