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14 Reactions Every Student Will Recognise

Being at university can be quite the whirlwind of emotions.

Just so you know you’re not alone, here are 12 reactions you can be sure every student will recognise.

1. Your flatmates’ faces when you say you’re not going out tonight

2. Your reaction when you get your very first 70

3. And when you get a 39…

4. The result of someone asking what your plans are for after uni

5. The reaction to yet another tick on the chunder chart

6. Remembering you have a 9am…

7. The realisation that you’ve been procrastinating for the last hour

8. When your tune comes on in the club

9. When someone sets off the fire alarm at 3am…

10. When you find that the only things left in your cupboard are beans and noodles

11. Your face when your lecturer makes a sex joke

12. Your response to moving out of halls

13. You and everyone else when your loans come in



14. You and everyone else a few weeks later…

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Want to write an article like this?

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