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17 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Freshers Week

If you’re starting uni this September, chances are you’re mostly expecting drinking, drinking and… well, probably more drinking actually.

But while this is true, a lot more will happen throughout that first week and some of it may not be quite what you were expecting.

To save you the shock, here are some of the overlooked factors of Freshers’ Week that nobody thinks to tell you.

1. It’s going to be emotional and slightly terrifying.

Freshers’ week is hyped up to be something that’s all about fun, meeting new people, and partying. And it is… But that moment you have to say goodbye to your parents can be a hard one, and being thrust into a flat with a bunch of strangers can be more than a little intimidating. Being nervous is totally normal.

2. You will actually need to feed yourself.

Human beings can’t live off a diet consisting only of alcohol (or at least it’s not recommended). Food shopping may be the last thing on your mind, but unfortunately it’s kind of essential. Don’t forget to budget to include food as well as drinking.

3. You won’t get on with all of your flatmates.

Your assigned flatmates are sort of like a lottery. Chances are some will become your new best friends, and some you’ll wish you’d never met. If you’ve imagined becoming BFFs with all of your new flatmates, you may be sorely mistaken.

4. Societies aren’t just about the drinking.

Sports clubs have great socials, but you do generally actually have to do sports to be a member. As with societies, depending on what it is, you may be required to attend meetings or fund-raise as well as get drunk once a week. This may be something you want to consider before signing up for everything during Freshers.

5. You will spend most of the week hungover.

It’s the price you pay for a week of drinking, but it’s quite easy to gloss over that part when planning your many nights out.

6. You will actually have to do things in the daytime.

It sounds obvious, but this is easily forgotten – especially when drunk. There may be lecture inductions, general department meetings and student registration to attend even if your lectures haven’t officially started yet. You’ll want to decide in advance which of these you can attend hungover.

7. It can easily get really expensive.

You’re eagerly awaiting that student loan but it’s pretty easy to forget that it has to last you up until December. Freshers’ Week will probably be the most expensive period of the entire term, so bear that in mind when budgeting.

8. At least some of your flatmates will hook up.

Living in such close quarters, it’s bound to happen. During Freshers’ Week everything is still new and exciting so it’s a prime time for this to occur. Just beware of the post-hook-up aftermath.

9. You’re going to seriously miss home… at some point.

Okay so you may be having the time of your life in that first week and barely spare your parents a thought. On the other hand, you may find yourself missing the familiarity of your own home and parents more than you’d anticipated. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one.

10. You’ll have forgotten something you never even realised you needed.

Whether it’s something you forgot to pack (if you didn’t just bring your entire bedroom), or something you didn’t buy, there’s definitely something you will have forgotten. The most commonly forgotten items include a tin opener, oven gloves, pins for your noticeboard, a bin and a washing up bowl. You’re welcome.

11. You will face a lot of peer pressure.

There will be one crazy flatmate who’s determined to make you go out every single night, or maybe you’re getting told to ‘down it’ when you know another pint will leave you unable to stand, let alone leave the flat. Just say no. Chances are they mean well – just show them you’re not a pushover.

12. Your flatmates will be able to hear you pee.

You may be living with an en-suite simply to avoid this problem, but chances are those walls are pretty thin… As for those of you living with communal toilets – there’s no way of avoiding this.

13. Someone will make a chunder chart.

Drinking vast amounts is considered something to be proud of, but chucking it all up, not so much. Just to make things worse, the amount of times you chunder will be recorded and displayed for everyone to see. Lucky you.


14. You’ll be constantly fighting for fridge space.

Particularly in Freshers’ Week, everyone wants to keep their alcohol cold and there simply isn’t enough room in the fridges that are provided in halls. Let the race begin.

15. You’ll have a sudden realisation that many other previous flatmates had sex on your bed.

You can be 99% sure this happened. It’s best not to think about it – and get a mattress protector.


16. Nobody will clean anything all week.

You’re all too busy making (and being) a drunken mess.

17. There’s no point having an early night. The sound of people going out will travel right through your window.

Why are you having an early night anyway? Even if you’re not going out, there’s Netflix to be watched. Come on now.

Freshers’ Week is a blast. Now you can head on in there, fully prepared and make the most of the madness. Enjoy…

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