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9 Appropriate Ways To Respond To Life Envy

After university, you and your friends’ lives are more than likely to traverse different paths, and you can guarantee that at some point someone will tell you how much better your life is than theirs.

So, whether you decide to take it as a compliment or are offended by their ignorance (Facebook can be the great deceiver), here are some ways to smoothly reply to life envy.

1. Be Grateful.

Maybe there’s something in what they’re saying. After all, that dream job/ awesome relationship/ month of travelling, really was fabulous. Acknowledge that you’ve been lucky, thank them and move on.

2. Offer advice.

If someone’s suffering from the green-eyed monster, maybe tell them how you managed to do what you did. Perhaps they’re not aware of the awesome job-finding website you used, or they didn’t realise flights to New York could be that cheap. Hopefully they’ll appreciate the information and feel more focused.

3. Share the envy.

Sure, you had that great holiday, but they have a 9-5 job and you’re sure they’re raking in the cash while you’re struggling to find pennies in your jeans pockets. Don’t hold it in, it’s just more likely to turn to bitterness. Tell them how much you envy their life. It works both ways and sometimes we just need someone to point out the positives in life if we can’t see them ourselves.

4. Remind them it didn’t come easy.

There are some of us lucky enough in this world to win the lottery or to fall into their dream job with very little work required. For the majority of us, good things come as a result of hard work and perseverance. It’s likely that your Facebook pictures of you beside the Taj Mahal don’t highlight the months of working to save up for it. Remind them of how long it took to get what you wanted and hopefully they’ll realise they can achieve the same with some determination. And if you are one of those lottery-winners, you deserve the life envy and should start buying people things immediately.

5. Point out the negatives of your life.

Hopefully it won’t come to this, but in case you need to, remind the envy-sufferer that you still can’t afford to move out/ have a pooey job, etc, and I’m sure they’ll realise that they don’t have any reason to hold your achievements against you.

6. Plan something together.

This option wouldn’t work if they’re only an acquaintance. That would be weird. But if they’re a friend, make some plans. It will give them something to look forward to to remind them that their own life is pretty fab too.

7. Laugh.

You know what, maybe they’re totally mistaken. Maybe you feel like your life is a mess and their envy has clearly come from those fake beach photos you uploaded to social media.

8. Buy them a drink.

Sometimes alcohol is magic. Plus, it will remind you of those uni days and a reminiscing session is bound to make both of you feel better.

9. Change the subject.

If these steps have done sod all to temper the life envy thrown your way, (you must have a super-amazing life) then your best hope is to change the subject. A nice bit of local gossip usually does the trick.

If literally all else fails, direct them to lolcats.

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