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8 Things You’ll See at a Rugby 7s Weekend at University

As rugby is the chosen sport in the UK, the chances of a university rugby 7s weekend at uni is a high one. Get your team ready, make some awesome half tackles, and prepare for the drunkest weekend ever. And try not to kill yourself.

Here are eight ungodly sights that will definitely become part of your weekend memory.

1. The overflowing medic tent.

This is 7s rugby after all, where the possibilities of a bad tackle is higher. The amount of times you will hear bones snapping will become an uncomfortable memory. Which you will quickly forget by drinking.



2. The army of crutches.

As the weekend processes and the medic tent throw people out, you will most likely see more then your fair share of people who can’t walk on their own. They could probably make their own team twice over by the end of the weekend.

3. Players running from the pitch – to vomit.

Hopefully. Because otherwise you’ll have it on the pitch and that is just nasty. Hungover players still play y’know.



4. Chanting.

Sports teams will be sport teams. And everyone knows that the louder a team, the better they will be.

5. All dayers.

Get ready to drink from 8am till midnight, or at least till you cannot remember who you are. You will not remember half the tackles you’ve made. Or any of the tries.



6. Sharpie faces.

People fall asleep. There will be moustaches. It’s a fact of life.



7. Funnels.

The overflowing amount of times that you will be asked to do a beer-funnel will disappear from you memory as you do more of them. It’s both a great and terrible thing.


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8. And finally, if you’re lucky, there will be the naked run.

It really is a sight for sore eyes. Except when it’s not.



But guys, even with the drinking and the stupid amount of bruising, 7s is worth it. Have fun and just remember, no matter what your captain says, it is just a weekend.

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