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This Student City Has Been Named The 5th Best In Europe and We Really Aren’t Surprised

If you wanted to travel to one of the five best cities in Europe, how far do you think you’d need to go? You’d probably need to leave the UK, right?

Wrong. It turns out you don’t need to travel very far at all, because Leeds – yes, Leeds – is apparently one of them. Leeds. Leeds. (Leeds)

According to the travel experts at Lonely Planet, Leeds is the 5th best city in the entirety of Europe.

The West Yorkshire city beat the likes of Paphos in Cyprus and Le Havre in France to make the top 5 of Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2017 list.

It’s also the only UK city to feature. London didn’t even get a mention.



Not that any of this comes as a real surprise to those of us who study there. With its indisputable magnetism and obvious appeal, why wouldn’t Leeds place highly within a list that offers the much sought after cultural experience in abundance?

After all, with three universities and an endearing edginess that is more often associated with the likes of Camden or Shoreditch, we didn’t need a travel expert to tell us that this student city is where it’s at.

It might be a bit of an underdog, but Leeds can definitely hold its own against the other European cities in the list.

It’s got 👌 architecture…

And undeniable quirkiness.

Cool nighttime roof shot by @a.watherston taken yesterday 🌃👊🏾

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Incredible food…

Amazing food @bundobust ….. you didn't disappoint

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And the edgiest of places to drink.


put him down

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And lots of history, too.

Basically, Leeds has got you covered.

And although it’s a few degrees colder than the city at the top of Lonely Planet’s list: Zagreb, Croatia…

Leeds definitely deserves its spot as the 5th best city in Europe.

Not that, as a Leeds student, I’m biased or anything…

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So next time you’re feeling that wanderlust, just head for the North. Leeds awaits!

Is Leeds really one of the best cities in Europe?

  • Obviously
  • LOL no

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