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14 Things Every Hull Student Is Tired of Hearing

“The city is ugly.” Well, so is your attitude. Let’s prove the haters wrong about our beloved city.

1. “I’ve only heard bad things about Hull…”

I start with this one, as this entire list is full of reasons as to why whoever has said this to you has been severely misinformed.

Sure, of course bad things CAN be said about Hull (as they can about anywhere!) but hopefully I’m about to provide past, present and future Hull students with some awesome facts to prove the haters completely wrong about our beloved city…


2. “It’s boring, there’s nothing to do in this city.”

Oh, how wrong you are, my friend. First of all, only boring people get bored! Seriously though, Hull’s entertainment scene just keeps growing every year, so there’s loads of stuff to do in the city.

We have 4 cinemas, 2 huge city-centre arcades, and a recently refurbished Hull New Theatre, not to mention the Hull Truck Theatre, 3 touring show venues with a 4th opening next year, the world’s only Submarium in the form of the Deep, a trampoline park, rock climbing centre, 3 bowling alleys, laser-tag, an ice-skating rink, and free-entry museums.

The list is never-ending. We also have annual events that people flock to see from all over, such as the Freedom Festival, which was attended by a record breaking 115,000 tourists just this year!

3. “You think you’re something special since you’re the City of Culture.”

Well, yes, we do actually. But that’s not because we now have a fancy title… We always thought we were pretty fab!

The only difference is that with the funding we’ve received, we can now make our city as fab in practice as it is in our hearts! Bringing our tired city back to its former glory is attracting enough tourists that the world doesn’t just have to take our word for it – others are talking about just how special Hull is too, as the extra publicity has allowed newcomers to come and see it for themselves!


4. “The uni isn’t very highly ranked though, is it?”

Although the University of Hull is ranked pretty decently in the academic league tables, (as it should be, because over half the students here graduate with a 1st or a 2:1!) it’s our Student Satisfaction rates that rank us one of the best universities in the country. We clearly have some pretty happy students over here!

The National Student Survey has consistently placed us among the top rated for student satisfaction, and we’ve also won the title ‘Britain’s Friendliest University’ twice, meaning that we’ve been recognised for the time and effort put in to creating a friendly and sociable atmosphere.


5. “Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere with a good nightlife?”

As the locals say, “It’s never dull in Hull,” and they’d be right. Hull’s nightlife scene is only getting better, with fantastic student nights happening all over the city.

There’s the Piper, which opened again in 2015 after a 3-month refurbishment, right in the heart of the ever-popular Newland Avenue, Welly, the city’s longest running club with its famous indie-rock nights, and the newly opened Atik, which boasts, among many other things, a Tiki-style luau bar!

And this only covers a few of my personal favourites, but the actual list goes on and on! However, no matter where you choose to spend your night out, you’re never far away from a takeaway from which you can grab some cheesy chips for your journey home, complete with Hull’s famous chip spice!

6. “Wouldn’t you prefer to be in a bigger city?”

Yeah, a bigger city and everything that goes with it, like the bigger price tags and smaller flats. Hull is actually one of the cheapest places to live in the country, meaning that many students choose to stay here after their degree, purely because the cost of living is so low. With an economy that only seems to be getting worse for young people, we’ve got to save the dolla where we can!


7. “You’re miles away from everywhere else, so the location is no good.”

Well, aside from having pretty much anything you could need right here, we’re actually only 1 hour away from York and Leeds by car, and just under 2 hours away by car from Manchester, so not too bad at all if you fancy a change of scenery for the day!

We’re also really close to some of the UK’s finest coastlines, with beaches like Hornsea, Bridlington and Scarborough nearby.


8. “Has anything decent ever actually come out of Hull?”

Yes. Yes it has.

We’re proud of our history here in Hull. We played many parts in major historical movements, such as Hull-born William Wilberforce leading the movement to abolish the slave-trade. We’ve also produced world-class poetry through Philip Larkin (originally from Coventry, but he settled and wrote, arguably, his best works here), and the LCD screen was invented here, too. You’re welcome!

We’re really proud of our achievements, both past and present, as we’re currently going from strength to strength – one of our current celebrities is Hull-born boxer Luke Campbell, who has won a number of medals and titles, most recently holding the WBC Silver and Commonwealth Lightweight titles from 2016 to 2017, which just goes to show that not only are we a diverse city, but that stars really can be made anywhere. We’re pretty proud of our contributions to the world!


9. “Aren’t the people really common?”

Speaking of diversity, there’s a hugely diverse range of people in our city, and that’s one of our favourite things about it.

Yes, some of us boast the Hull accent more strongly than others, but that just adds to our authenticity – it’s all part of our charm! So, if you hear us say, “It’s maftin’ so bains are larking out,” we aren’t threatening or cursing you. We’re merely expressing that since it’s so warm, the kids are playing outside – it makes sense to us, and it’ll make sense to you in time too, we promise!


10. “You’re not home to a Premier League team anymore.”

This is one for all you football fans. Fine, maybe we’re not in the Premier League right this second. But Hull City is a powerful and well-known football team, and has been a Premier League club several times in the last few years.

We might not be the very best, but we’re okay with that as we still always give it a good go! Anyway, we play more sport than just chasing a ball on grass – we have 2 rugby teams called Hull FC and Hull KR, and 2 ice hockey teams with awesome names! You wouldn’t want to face the Hull Pirates or Hull Stingrays, right?

11. “What’s with all the fish?”

Okay, so we know there’s a lot of fish. I’m a Hull girl born and bred, and even I think we’re a little bit too obsessed with fish. But it was once our main industry – we were once the 3rd largest port in the UK.

The history behind this fact is still really important to many families, and even the foundation on which our city is built. It also provides the basis for many of our attractions, such as the Fish Trail (a series of different fish to follow around the city, and a fab way to go about sightseeing!), the Deep, and the Maritime Museum.

12. “It’s an ugly city.”

Agreed, it’s reaaaal ugly. From the fantastic views of the Humber Bridge, to the winding, cobbled streets of the Old Town, the city is super ugly. I’ll just leave this here, and remember that pictures don’t even do the views justice.


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13. “Hull just isn’t quirky or interesting.”

Wrong again! One of my favourite things about my hometown is that, every October, we play host to the world’s largest travelling fair. The tradition of the Hull Fair is ancient, with it reaching its 725th anniversary next year!

Hull is a city that doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. It’s unapologetically individual – we’re the only city in the UK that’s stubborn enough to have cream telephone boxes, for goodness sake!

Fair looked sick from the big wheel🎡 #hullfair #bigwheel

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14. “But why would you choose to go to university there?”

Well… if all the reasons listed above aren’t good enough for you, then, honestly, you aren’t good enough for Hull.

Definitely the prettiest building on campus

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