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Why I’ll Never Regret Studying at the University of Sheffield

Choosing the right university for you is a very big decision; it’s the place where you’re going to spend most of your time and make loads of memories for at least three years. Here, Natasha, a recent graduate from the uni, talks about why she’ll never regret picking Sheffield.

Here are 13 reasons why Sheffield is the best place to be a student.

1. The Students’ Union is award-winning.

For the past eight years, Sheffield Students’ Union has been rated among the best in the country in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey, something which us Uni of Sheff students and grads take great pride in. With so much on offer – from nights out, to a vast array of events and societies to get involved with, you can always find something for you under this magical roof. I particularly loved getting involved with the Union’s charity hitchhiking society, Bummit. I never imagined I’d hitchhike from Sheffield to Romania before I got to uni! You can also get yourself a part-time job there and the roles are super flexible to fit around your study (and partying) schedule.


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2. And the city itself is absolutely beautiful.

With four trees to every person, Sheffield is Europe’s greenest city. There are loads of cute parks for you to chill out in: Crookes Valley Park, the Peace Gardens and Weston Park to name a few. Also, the Peak District is only a mere bus or train ride away, which gives you the chance to explore some very Instagram-able sights. No Valencia filter needed.

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3. You’ll never need a gym membership.

What does Sheffield have in common with Rome? Yep, that’s right, it was built on seven hills. Seven MASSIVE hills. In Sheffield, every day is leg day. Lumbering to and from the Students’ Union and around the city is sure to give you the super defined calves of your dreams, so it’s ~probably~ worth all the effort…



4. The student accommodation is brilliant.

As well as having an unbeatable Students’ Union, the Uni of Sheff has also held the top spot for accommodation in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. There are three different student accommodation options to choose from to suit all budgets. I was an Endcliffe Village gal and absolutely loved spending my first year living there, so much so that I feel a genuine sense of envy towards the latest Freshers who now occupy my beloved Froggatt E4. Endcliffe is the biggest of the three and even has an onsite pub, bar and cafeteria – as well as The Village Shop where you can stock up on your essentials (ice-cream, cookies, crisps…)

You’ll catch the odd rabbit roaming the site and even ducks; it’s hard not to miss that first year student bubble.

Derwent A4 has the best views 😎😎😎

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5. Wednesday nights at Corp are unmissable.

Some might say it bears comparison to a poorly cleaned public toilet, but there’s no denying the love us students have for a night out at Corp’s Skool Disco every Wednesday. With music reminiscent of your childhood – I’m talking ’90s classics, old school rock and RnB – Corp never disappoints. You quickly learn to avoid Corp TV, unless you want to see your face, post-Blue Pint, all over social media the next day. Regardless, it’s the place to dance a Wednesday night away.

Corp was LIT up Friday night !!!! #corpsheffield #madnightsout

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6. And wherever you go out, you’re guaranteed to hear multiple Arctic Monkeys songs.

When you go back home for Christmas your home friends probably don’t fully appreciate the extent of your newfound love for Sheffield born-and-bred, indie rock band the Arctic Monkeys. You wouldn’t blame they for telling you to ‘Snap Out of It’ (lol). But when you’re out and about with your Sheffield squad and the likes of ‘R u Mine?’ and ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ start blaring, the party hits a whole new level and your proud Sheffield student status is out in full force.



7. The Information Commons library is very cool.

Open 24/7, this modern library even has showers if you need a quick cool down after an intense study sesh. If you want to get a seat – let alone a desk with a computer – as exam season looms, things get tricky. But when you do manage to get yourself a desk, it’s a great place to study. With its silent study rooms, group discussion rooms, printers, scanners, the lot, it’s no surprise some students set up camp here all year round. Keep an eye out though, you don’t want to be caught napping in a photo on its dedicated ‘Spotted’ page.

8. Food at The Nottingham House can cure even the worst exam stress.

So, you’ve just come out of a three-hour lecture on a cold winter’s day. You’ve got a pile of revision to do and all you have waiting for you at home is leftover takeaway. You feel sad. You feel stressed. There is no better way to combat the student blues than to head to the famous Notty House with your pals and treat yourself to some comfort food. This pub is a student hotspot and without a doubt serves up the tastiest homemade pies known to man.

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9. The University Health Service is outstanding.

I can’t praise the University Health Service enough. Uni of Sheff students are lucky to have their own local doctors’ surgery, where every member of staff is really nice and friendly. They don’t make you feel uncomfortable or try and rush you out of the door. They listen, they advise, they act as a sympathetic ear and are an all-round lovely bunch of people.



10. Not to mention the food festival in town 😍

At least once a month the food festival in the city centre serves up a range of wonderful grub – from tasty Greek gyros, to jam-packed Mexican burritos. If you’re daring and polite enough, you might even get your hands on some cheeky free samples – even better for a skint student.

Sheffield Food Festival 🍫🍪🍩

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11. It’s a genuinely affordable place to live.

“Everything is sooo cheap?!” – says every southern student in Sheffield at some point. If, like me, you’ve ventured up to Sheffield from down south, one of the first things you notice is the difference between southern and northern prices. I’m talking cheaper entry to clubs, cheaper drinks, cheaper bus tickets, cheaper taxis – the list is endless (and fantastic). You’ll quickly become the person who refuses to pay the £8 entry fee back home on a Saturday night at Watford Oceana…



12. And everyone is really friendly.

Northerners are just jolly people. Yeah, it’s a stereotypical one, but it’s true. At least in my experience – northern people are so much friendlier than southerners. In fact, in 2013, Sheffield came out on top in a vote for the ‘happiest city in Britain’. And that’s without even mentioning how great the atmosphere is at the university itself.

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13. Finally, you get to feel like you’ve graduated from Hogwarts on graduation day.

Firth Court (basically Hogwarts) is home to the department of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science, but has quickly become the iconic place to take graduation day photos and commemorate the best university experience ever. I will never forget the years I spent as a student at the University of Sheffield.

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