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21 Things Every University of Kent Graduate Will Remember

The Garden of England and the home of Chaucer and the Canterbury Cathedral, the University of Kent is unique with its secluded Campus, cobbled streets and endless pubs. The University experience there is like many others; however there are a few things that every graduate will remember specifically with nostalgia and frustration in equal measure.

1. Eliot and Rutherford College, mirror images of each other full of paranoia, confusion and stairs.

Scholars maintain that the architect behind Eliot and Rutherford also designed prisons.

2. Night walk back to Parkwood

For those unfortunate souls who live in Parkwood. Enjoy your long, dark and frightening trek home.

3. That view of the Cathedral

The money shot. What a beautiful view and what a place for a post-essay-hand-in brewskie?

4. Seeing the Archbishop of Canterbury

Always a surprise to see him with his long, pensive gait.

5. Seeing Vic Reeves

Never enough time to think of something funny to say to him.

6. Ruby Tuesdays

The best night out on campus inside the best college on campus.

7. Graduating in the Cathedral

Rumour has it that people with a First are allowed to get married inside.

8. The Works / Club Chemistry

The only club in town. Never worth the hangover in that 9am lecture on a Tuesday.

9. Late nights in the Canterbury Tales

It’s midnight; everything is closed so where do you want to go? Too many nights in the Canterbury Tales drinking expensive ales, scratching the dripping candle wax and putting The Doors on the jukebox.



10. Snakesbites in the Venue

That white shirt will never be a good decision.

11. Submitting a digital copy of your essay a week before the hard copy deadline

Three weeks to finish your essay. Disclaimer: you need to hand in an identical copy online in two weeks.

12. The rabbits

They were there before you and they will be there after you.

13. Magic Mungos sweat pit

Strategically distanced so enough time passes for you to consider going again, Magic Mungos is a guaranteed pit of sweat, school-girl outfits and beer soaked floor.

14. European Children Take Over the High Streets

Every visit to town is guaranteed to be soundtracked by small children on a school trip screaming in their I Love London hoodies and believing that they are actually in London.

15. The Secret Cash Machine

Through the arch between Campus Watch and Barclays there is a secret cash machine that always gives crisp, fresh £5 notes without ever needing to queue.

16. Back-to-back timetable in Keynes and Darwin

09am lecture in Darwin, 10am seminar in Keynes. Get your sprint on.

17. Albino squirrel

The loch-ness monster and the Yeti rolled in to one. An elusive sight.

18. Watching architecture students work through the night

Poor guys, placed in the centre of campus with walls of windows separating them from the real world. I don’t think they are ever allowed to leave.

19. Crazy hands

The Van Wilder of Kent; did he ever do a degree? Is he on the University payroll? How can he maintain enthusiasm for dancing in the Venue for years and years? Some say he doesn’t even drink alcohol.

20. Surviving the walk up to campus

Be it from by Tyler Hill, up St. Thomas Hill Road or via Eliot footpath you will arrive at your seminar out of breath and out of motivation.

21. And who can forget Artsfest?

The perfect way to finish the year. Sun, beer from Essentials, music, fireworks and no deadlines. Waynestock, Woodstock and Spike Island in one.

Anyone for a reunion? 

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