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24 Signs You’re Living With a 3rd Year Fresher

You might be in your third year of university, but that one housemate of yours is still acting like they’re 18. The signs are all there, you’re living with a 3rd year fresher.

1. They joined all the new Fresher Facebook groups.

Not content with their year group, they need to stay in-the-know and up-to-date with all things FRESHERS 15!!!!.

2. They’re happy hour experts.

3. And probably work in a bar on campus.

4. They’ve walked past their old accommodation saying “I can’t believe someone is living in it” at least twice already.

5. They still spend more money on alcohol than food.

6. They purposefully packed their fancy dress outfits, took them to their parents’ house for the summer, and brought them back again.

Costume dedication.

7. They still choose to skip morning lectures for that all important Wednesday night out.

8. They didn’t bring any cutlery to their new accommodation. Again.



9. Yet still remembered to bring their decks.


10. They’ve probably talked about “fresher meat” a number of times.

11. And you’ve likely made one of their new “friends” a cuppa in the morning.

12. You’ve gone a few days without seeing them.

13. When you do they’re playing FIFA.

Because it’s important for 3rd year freshers to have more consoles than books.

14. They still don’t know how to reference.

But tbf does anyone?

15. Bathroom selfies are still an crucial part of any night out for them.

16. And they act like a celebrity in front of the nightclub photographer.

17. You’ve caught them walking around like this.

18. And with UV paint on their face. 



19. They still take uni rivalries seriously.

20. They’ve spent more nights asleep on the sofa than in their bed.

21. There’s no such thing as “quiet pre-drinks” when they’re around.

They pull out house music and a pack of cards every time.



22. They’re that one friend you all have to put in a taxi home.

23. But they do have the best debrief stories in the morning.

24. But in spite of it all, you know they’ll still scrape a 2:1.

How do they do it?

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